Intransigent in a sentence

What does intransigent  mean?: -the unwillingness to change somebody’s view or to agree to something

Noun: -intransigence, intransigency

Sentence Examples: –

  • This divorce agreement happens to be dragging on, mainly due to the intransigent people involved in this particular agreement.
  • There are a lot of people that do not get along with each other, mainly due to having intransigent relationship in religion or for that matter any particular difference in their lifestyle.
  • There is always the need to take the intransigent position when it comes to understanding the safety and the security of your children.
  • When you have a nature which is intransigent, it becomes extremely hard for you to deter mine a good place to visit.
  • Harley-Davidson has certainly become intransigent when it comes to introduction of sports motorbikes, and would like to feature on the chopper variants of the bike.
  • There is no need for you to understand why Kevin appears to be intransigent, it is just a part of his demeanor and he continues to maintain that for everybody he meets.

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