Jittery: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Jittery in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Jittery and Jitteriness.

Jittery Definition and Meaning with Examples

Jittery (adjective) means nervous or tense. It can be used to describe a person who is jumpy or anxious.

A person who is uneasy due to a nagging worry can be called jittery.

The word also refers to rough or bumpy movements of a person or thing.

Breaking into a sweat just before an important presentation, getting cold feet before a performance or feeling shaky because of anxiety are signs of jitteriness.


Jittery: Other Grammatical Forms

Jitteriness (noun)


Jittery in a Sentence Examples

1) After she got jittery on stage last year, she has never dared to go up again.

2) Don’t be so jittery. The lesser you think about the test, the better you will feel.

3) I felt jittery when I updated my relationship status on Facebook. Now everyone knew that I was dating.

4) Hundreds of jittery fans waited for the band outside the airport although it was well past midnight.

5) Despite a jittery start, the team did well and finished strong in the second half of the tournament.

6) It is normal to be jittery before a big test. In fact, it would be weird if you weren’t.

7) The little kid was jittery and cranky because it was his first time on an airplane.

8) The thought of being fired made her jittery. Being a single mom, she couldn’t imagine being unemployed.

9) She was a bit jittery as she walked down the aisle.

10) Although jittery and unsure, she eventually managed to gather the courage to jump out of the plane while skydiving with her boyfriend.

11) The jittery sailors braced themselves as the ship headed into choppy waters.

12) Although he was extremely jittery in his first job interview, he managed to impress the recruiters.

13) Despite having made hundreds of presentations before, I couldn’t help but feel jittery ahead of my meeting with the company’s CEO.

14) He felt jittery on the first day of college. He was wary of about the kind of people he would meet and the friends he would make.

15) After such a massive earthquake, people are bound to be a little jittery about going back into their house.

Jitteriness in a Sentence Examples

1) The cops could sense jitteriness in the suspect’s behavior. They kept questioning him until he finally broke down and confessed his fault.

2) Don’t let jitteriness get the better of you. Just focus on your goal and get the job done.

3) She was overcome with jitteriness during her first driving lesson. The instructor couldn’t calm her calm down.

4) He took a public speaking course to learn how to avoid succumbing to jitteriness while speaking in front of a group.

5) A sense of jitteriness took over the economy after financial crash. No one was willing to make the big decisions in such a glum scenario.

6) Great leaders have a knack of putting up a confident facade even when jitteriness overpowers them from inside.

7) Jitteriness gripped the town as they anxiously waited for the hurricane to pass over.

8) The jitteriness in the atmosphere was palpable. Everyone was worried as to what would happen next.

9) The jitteriness in your body language will show in front of your job interviewers. Just be calm.

10) Don’t let your disposition show any trace of jitteriness or anxiety. Be a cool cat in front of them.

11) After the financial downfall, even the strongest markets of the world began showing jitteriness.

12) Coffee may add to the jitteriness of some people, but it does a great job of calming me down.

13) She started feeling a vague sense of jitteriness as soon as her name was announced.

14) Your jitteriness about investing so heavily in a single stock is valid. But it’s a risk you will have to take.

15) The media is making speculations regarding the CEO’s jitteriness. They are wondering if he is confident about launching the product or not.

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