Use Magnanimity in a Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Magnanimity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Magnanimity, Magnanimous, Magnanimously and Magnanimousness.

Magnanimity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Magnanimity (noun) means generosity or charitableness. It can be used to describe a person’s quality of being benevolent and kind to others.

Showing magnanimity is not limited to donating wealth. It can also refer to the act of showing mercy, forgiveness and humility to someone.

Add the word magnanimity to your vocabulary to suggest large-heartedness and the quality of being a philanthropist.

Contributing for a good cause, helping someone by going out of way and showing kindness without expecting anything in return are magnanimous acts.

Magnanimity: Other Grammatical Forms

Magnanimous (adjective)

Magnanimously (adverb)

Magnanimousness (noun)

Magnanimity in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t take his magnanimity for granted. He is temperamental and may not help you every time you are in need.


2) There are many accounts of the king’s magnanimity in ancient texts. He was one the noblest king ever.

3) The corporate group wanted the world to take notice of the magnanimity that they showed towards the destitute through the event they organized.

4) I respect your magnanimity but I cannot accept this amount because I won’t be able to repay it with interest.

5) The gentleman’s magnanimity was not appreciated. The beneficiary of his donation didn’t even call to thank him.

6) He is a worthless, ungrateful boy who deserves no magnanimity from his friends or family.

7) I had wealthy friends and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of their magnanimity every time I was in need.

8) My mother showed us her magnanimity in little ways. She didn’t get us precious gifts but made us our favorite meals even if it meant that she would go hungry.

9) The king showed his magnanimity by deciding not to kill his enemy for punishing him. Instead, he made him a permanent employee of his kingdom.

10) My boss showed immense amount of magnanimity when he avoided castigating me in front of my parents.


Magnanimous in a Sentence Examples

1) The millionaire is a renowned philanthropist and is known to be magnanimous on many occasions.

2) Our magnanimous host invited us to his home and asked us to stay there for a few days if we wanted to.

3) Most of their actions are magnanimous from the outside but when you look deeper, they have a selfish intention.

4) He is a magnanimous teacher. He doesn’t charge fees from anyone because he thinks that education must be free.

5) He put up a facade of being magnanimous and gave the dog some food just so that he could win the girl’s heart.

6) I know it feels good to be magnanimous but don’t get carried away. People might start taking advantage of your generosity.

7) It is a wrong belief that only the rich can be magnanimous. People with limited means can be generous in their own way too.

8) The most important lesson of life that my mother gave me was to be magnanimous without any expectations.

9) My only dream in life is to be as magnanimous, selfless and sagacious as my father.

10) If you are magnanimous and wealthy, there are a plethora of causes that you can donate your money to.

Magnanimously in a Sentence Examples

1) He donated magnanimously when he was asked to provide monetary help. The organization was ecstatic.

2) She magnanimously refused to take rent from them when she came to know that they had no money left.

3) Even though they didn’t know the visitor well, they welcomed him magnanimously into their homes and hearts.

4) My teacher praised me magnanimously in front of my parents. I was overcome with emotion because of the way in which she supported me.

5) He magnanimously pledged half of his fortune to charity. The world needs more people like him.

Magnanimousness in a Sentence Examples

1) I have heard several stories of His Excellency’s magnanimousness towards the people of his country.

2) The magnanimousness of the royal family is unmatched. They help anybody in need, no questions asked.

3) Show magnanimousness towards your enemy, not animosity. They will remember you for it.

4) Her zest for life, magnanimousness towards others and her ability to get along with everyone made her a popular person.

5) He seems nonchalant and stoic from the outside, but he is very magnanimous and friendly when befriended.

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