Misconstrued in a sentence

What does misconstrued  mean?: -interpret someone wrongly

Noun: -misconstrue

Sentence Examples: –

  • Jon had absolutely no idea that his pertinent accolade towards a particular person was misconstrued by the entire public in that particular section.
  • Having misconstrued all the intentions of an honorable person, she did not think of herself as wedding material and ended up not marrying anyone.
  • The advice of the doctor was misconstrued, and which led to a lot of problems in the hospital as well as during the medication phase.
  • Newton realized that his gravitational theory was possibly misconstrued by a lot of hardline fanatics, and it was time for him to make a simplistic explanation of his theory for the general public.
  • Various students from the class misconstrued the need of the hour in terms of the project and went on to get a bad grade in it.
  • A possible explanation for you to write up your notes again is that you have misconstrued the entire explanation of the chapter, and went on to create your own in your notes.

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