Moniker: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Moniker in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Moniker and Monikered.

Moniker Definition and Meaning with Examples

Moniker (noun) means nickname or pet name. It is the name adopted by a person out of personal choice or imposed upon him or her by others.

Shortened forms of names can also be called monikers.

Create a sentence with the word moniker to refer to a person’s alias or byname. For example, Earth Shatterer could be a moniker given to an obese person and Nightingale to a person who sings well.

Other commonly used examples of monikers include Ben, which is a traditional moniker for Benjamin and baby, which is a romantic moniker given to each other by lovers.

Moniker: Other Grammatical Forms

Monikered (adjective)

Moniker in a Sentence Examples

1) My son was harrowed at school because he was given an absurd moniker by his friends taunting how rotund he was.

2) The captain of the team opened his new Twitter account by the moniker given to him, not his real name.

3) The moniker my little daughter gave to my husband was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing the whole night.

4) I gave my newborn son a short name because I didn’t want his friends to abbreviate his name with a moniker when he went to school.

5) Here’s some trivia – the musician used a moniker all his life and people came to know about his real name posthumously.

6) She made use of her moniker to give the interview because she did not want her real identity to be revealed.

7) She preferred to use her moniker in all her online accounts. She felt a sense of being safe on the internet by doing so.

8) She was okay with being made fun of, as long as the moniker given to her by the media wasn’t offensive on a personal level.

9) In this office, it is a rule for everyone to use call each other by their moniker on a daily basis. This is a way to break the ice between everyone.

10) An artist or a writer will often use a moniker and reveal their real name only after achieving a certain level of success.

11) My daughter gave the moniker Tooth Plucker to her dentist because she thought his only job was to take people’s teeth out.

12) Don’t use your moniker in an official application form. It might stick with you in all your other legal documents.

13) The moniker she used for writing her poems became so famous that her real name got gradually erased out of public memory.

14) All the students got together to conspire against their teacher who they had already harassed enough with an embarrassing moniker.

15) While employees are encouraged to use a moniker in their workplace in the West, employees in Eastern cultures are not that comfortable with giving away their nicknames.

16) I am sorry but I don’t know you well enough to address you by your moniker.

17) My boyfriend hates every adorable moniker that I give him out of affection, whether it is sweetie, hottie, handsome or baby.

18) The writer was thinking of a creative moniker that he could give his animated character to make it popular amongst kids.

19) I was such a darling of the family that everyone addressed me with a different moniker.

20) My biggest compliment was to earn the moniker CandyFairy from the kids of the orphanage because I gave them candies every day.

21) The hip hop artist wanted his cool moniker to become his brand name and started using it everywhere.

22) He considers his new moniker to be a good luck charm because it has already given him two major blockbusters.

23) Be careful about registering your moniker on the system because you won’t be able to change it to your real name later on.

24) All my daughter’s friends gave her a nasty moniker because she had a lisp. Because of this, she lost a great deal of self-esteem overtime.

25) The contest required me to match each poet with his or her moniker. Since I was a poetry aficionado, I obviously won.

Monikered in a Sentence Examples

1) The intelligently monikered product was meant to attract kids who would eventually persuade their parents to buy it.

2) They monikered businessmen duo had to ensure that their new ventures did not make them the laughing stock of the marketplace.

3) This particular piece of art is slightly lesser expensive than the other one because it bears the monikered signature and not the full name of the artist.

4) The monikered title of the book sold more copies than the original one for reasons that expert publishers find unfathomable.

5) This monikered cafe is the most popular hangout amongst teenagers in the city.

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