Portend in a sentence

What does  portend mean?: – A warning that something might happen

Noun: -portent

Adjective: -unportended

Sentence Examples: –

  • When the dark clouds portend over your area, there is definitely going to be thunderstorm nearby.
  • Does it mean that the ability for you to download the movies, although illegally can portend to a steady decrease in the profits of the movie theatres?
  • In general times, the ability for you to make a lot of money also portend to the need for you to spend a lot of it on frivolous things.
  • In most circumstances, the health care system portend to the efficient rise in health insurance.
  • One says that when a black cat crosses your path, it portend to some very bad luck. However, it has proved to be untrue in a variety of instances.
  • Does a high fever portend to visit a doctor? Well, if it involves your children, it certainly is.
  • The only way for you to miss success is when you portend failure as a part of your life.

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