Use Preposterous In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Preposterous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Preposterous, Preposterously and Preposterousness.

Preposterous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Preposterous (adjective) means something which is very stupid, absurd, ridiculous or unreasonable.

It is used to express the outrageousness of an action, silliness of a suggestion, foolishness of an idea or senselessness of a statement.

Preposterous is used to point out a situation when something reaches the height of absurdity or sheer stupidity.

Add preposterous to your vocabulary by using it as a synonym for the words stupid or silly. It conveys the meaning of these words with more intensity and depth.

Preposterous: Other Grammatical Forms

Preposterously (adverb)

Preposterousness (noun)

Preposterous in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though the idea was preposterous, our team implemented it because there was no time to think of a new one.

2) It was preposterous of you to have a booked your flights last minute even though you knew that you had to take this trip, months in advance.

3) Instead of getting annoyed, the teacher got amused by his student’s preposterous answer.

4) Your track record of doing preposterous things has given you an unreliable reputation.

5) He sarcastically announced that there was no basis for me to reject the idea summary, except for the minor glitch that it was totally preposterous.

6) He had the most preposterous thought of proposing to her while they were underwater.

7) People could easily see through the politician’s preposterous claims made just before the elections.

8) Don’t be afraid of clarifying your doubts with your teacher, no matter how preposterous they seem.

9) Although the plan seemed preposterous, it worked.

10) The theory that seemed preposterous years ago, has won the scientist acclaim today.

Preposterously in a Sentence Examples

1) This is the most preposterously designed house I have ever seen because there is no provision for safety or ventilation.

2) At the preposterously low price quoted to me, I had no option but to buy it.

3) The article was not bad. It was preposterously bad.

4) The wedding remained preposterously mismanaged till the very last minute.

5) He behaved preposterously by not taking credit for the massive contribution he made to the whole project.

6) The executive summary was written so preposterously that my boss didn’t even bother reading further.

7) The essay that he wrote was so preposterously silly, that it didn’t even win the consolation prize.

8) No matter how preposterously fantastical the plot is, audiences will relate to it if the characters are convincing.

9) When the project reached a dead end, the manager had no choice but to implement my suggestion which seemed preposterously naive to him earlier.

10) The facilities given to our foreign delegates were so preposterously insufficient, that it caused us sheer embarrassment.

Preposterousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The preposterousness of the situation reached such a zenith, that it became laughable.

2) Our boss seems to have rejected the idea because of its preposterousness.

3) The increasing preposterousness of government procedures is getting to me now.

4) It is the preposterousness of the tale that makes it so endearing to kids.

5) What parents often find preposterous, kids find awe-inspiring.

6) We didn’t mind the preposterousness of his suggestion. What we didn’t like was the audacity with which he put it in front of the board.

7) Preposterousness has no place in this business. You make one mistake and you’re thrown out.

8) Sometimes, genius finds its small corner in the preposterousness of our lives.

9) My little brother’s preposterousness often gives me creative ideas.

10) The thrill of the movie was diluted by the preposterousness of the plot.

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