How to use proclivity in a sentence?

Noun: –

-A predisposition, unnatural propensity or inclination, an act of exaggeration or complain.

Examples of how to use proclivity in a sentence:- –

  • It was his proclivity towards music that had him making a career as a single.
  • You need to make use of your proclivity in order to choose a carrier, and you would go very far.
  • It is his proclivity towards art that has led him to becoming a good artist.
  • The conclusion of the book hardly matches according to my own proclivity.
  • You do not display or even demonstrate any sort of proclivity for any type of specific predictions.
  • It is your personal proclivity that would help you decides upon whether you love or hate that game. There are no other aspects that can come before it.
  • I would think that it is my proclivity that lends itself to being grateful rather than taking false pride.
  • I have a certain proclivity towards tea rather than coffee.
  • It was the hunting proclivity of Nathan that ensured that he was well known all across the country.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in displaying your proclivity towards an art that you find yourself attracted to.
  • Considering your proclivity towards a specific need in your life, it is time for you to grab the mantle and ensure that you get it done to your liking.
  • The book I was reading hardly took a stance in accordance to my own proclivity; it ran in the vein of something that is totally opposite to my stream of thought.
  • It is your proclivity towards books that helps you understand the political vendetta by most writers on the current administration.
  • Dr Smith happens to be an eminent physician, and somebody that is of the old school proclivity towards conducting surgeries.
  • If your child demonstrates a proclivity towards making quality assumptions, he or she would be backed to the full by the school administration.
  • Political proclivity is the reason as to why people tend to paint you in a certain color when it comes to talking with you.

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