How to use Ravenous in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Ravenous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ravenous, Ravenously and Ravenousness.

Ravenous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ravenous (adjective) means hungry or famished. It can be used to describe someone who can eat voraciously.

The word ravenous can also refer to a person who is greedy, needy and hungry for power, wealth, position or authority.

Use ravenous in a sentence to suggest insatiable hunger for something.

Being excessively hungry or having the dire need of gratification – in both circumstances, the behavior is ravenous.

Ravenous: Other Grammatical Forms

Ravenously (adverb)

Ravenousness (noun)

Ravenous in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave me a playful, ravenous smile when she saw that I had cooked a delicious meal for her.

2) My husband gave me a ravenous smirk when I showed him the beautiful nightwear I bought from the sale.

3) The story is about a ravenous boy who goes knocking on the doors for alms, finding ways to satisfy his hunger.

4) A bunch of angry, ravenous protesters sat outside the palace gates for three days. They vowed not to leave until their demands were fulfilled.

5) He is a ravenous gossipmonger because it is an intrinsic part of his job as an entertainment correspondent.

6) As soon as I put some food out on the patio, a ravenous little squirrel scampered over and started nibbling.

7) The authorities have restricted tourists from going close to the river because ravenous crocodiles have been spotted by the villagers.

8) The movie is about a superhero who saves a quaint town from extinction by beheading a ravenous monster.

9) We had to prepare for the party well in advance because we were expecting thirty ravenous kids.

10) The ravenous campers were waiting for dinner to be served when they reached base camp after a tough hike of four days.

Ravenously in a Sentence Examples

1) The pauper ravenously eyed the delicious spread that was laid out at the feast hosted by the king.

2) Her favorite pastime is gossiping ravenously with her friends and hanging out them. She has nothing better to do.

3) The left side of the model’s gown started slipping off her shoulders and the media started taking photographs ravenously.

4) We ate so ravenously at the chicken shack that the owner thought we were gluttons.

5) There was no dinner table conversation because everyone was eating ravenously and no one had the inclination to make small talk.

6) Her fans will ravenously lap up anything which is written about her in press. Her fame has reached such heights.

7) I was shocked to find out that my son ravenously devours cottage cheese in his room every night before sleeping.

8) Even you wake him up in the middle of the night, he will be ready to eat his mother’s food ravenously.

9) The company made profits ravenously by overcharging customers for goods that were in low supply.

10) He was busy stuffing the burger in his mouth ravenously, not caring about how horrible he looked in front of everyone else.

Ravenousness in a Sentence Examples

1) I could see the ravenousness when his eyes when I opened the briefcase and showed him the bundles of hundred dollar bills.

2) The ravenousness with which he took the first bite of the succulent lamb was enough to tell me that he hadn’t eaten for days together.

3) Our ravenousness got the better of us at the buffet lunch. We filled out plates to the brim even though we knew that we weren’t even going to be able to finish half of it.

4) It’s good to be ambitious but such ravenousness for position and power will lead you the wrong way.

5) My mother takes delight in my ravenousness. It makes her think that I enjoy every morsel that she makes for me.

6) Their ravenousness for supremacy in the continent made them wage wars and unleash atrocities over people.

7) I had heard stories about his ravenousness but I saw it in reality when he finished a whole plate of lasagna in five minutes.

8) The top management’s ravenousness for wealth led them to make wrong and unfair decisions for the company.

9) Her ravenousness for sycophancy and flattery was famous in the whole company. She only worked with those who showered praises on her.

10) The ravenousness with which the lion gorged on its prey was beautifully portrayed in the documentary about African wildlife.

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