Use Redundant in a Sentence: Meaning and Definition with Examples

How to use Redundant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Redundant, Redundantly and Redundancy.

Redundant: Definition and Meaning

Redundant (adjective) means unnecessary or superfluous. It refers to anything which is extra, uncalled for or more than what is necessary.

The word can also be used to describe the loss of job.

As an adverb, redundant is used to describe something which is marked by sameness or very little deviation.

Create a sentence with the word redundant to suggest something which is in surplus, to the extent of not being necessary. Associate it with verbose speeches, needless paperwork, inessential actions, similar buildings in a row, useless expression or extra information.

Redundant: Other Grammatical Forms

Redundantly (adverb)

Redundancy (noun)

Redundant in a Sentence Examples

1) The government is wasting time formulating policies for issues that are now redundant. They should focus on better things now.

2) Don’t populate your resume with redundant jobs descriptions. Include only those jobs which will enhance your chances for this application.

3) Whether I like this tie or not is redundant, the question is why you bought it for me. Did you have something else in mind?

4) Even awesome managers like him have been made redundant, all because of the global financial crisis.

5) He has been given the job of shredding all the redundant documents and sprucing up the entire office administration.

6) She sounds verbose because she uses many redundant phrases when she speaks. Her language needs to be more succinct.

7) My mother had accumulated so many makeup items over the years that she didn’t even have a track of which ones had become redundant for regular use.

8) Computers should enhance a worker’s efficiency, not replace him and make him redundant.

9) Most of the internal communication that goes on in this office is redundant because it doesn’t contribute to productivity.

10) With the access to internet, most education techniques that teachers used to employ a few years back have become redundant.

Redundantly in a Sentence Examples

1) They spoke to each other redundantly, as if they were forcibly being made to have a conversation.

2) Because she did not prepare her speech well in advance, she said whatever came to her mind redundantly.

3) As the teacher commenced her long and boring discourse, the students nodded their heads redundantly to make her think that they were listening to her.

4) Every time his boss crossed the room, he typed on the keyboard redundantly to make him feel that some work was going on.

5) The new machine performed the task as redundantly just like its older version, but with the advantage of having a few additional features.

6) He performs most of his tasks redundantly, without much soul or individuality.

7) Not everyone has the ability to successfully carry out menial tasks that need to be done redundantly.

8) Although it may seem like he finishes his morning chores redundantly, what most people don’t know is that it has an inexplicable therapeutic value for him.

9) My mother has been redundantly carrying out the ritual of placing flowers on my deceased grandma’s picture along with a poem she pens for her each month.

10) The science experiment involved slowly but redundantly putting drops of water on the chemical sample in the time frame of two hours.

Redundancy in a Sentence Examples

1) Although machines are economically beneficial to all industries, they are likely to generate the problem of redundancy in the workforce.

2) Many aspects of the education system in our country are marked with redundancy. New ideas and thoughts need to be ushered in.

3) This letter is marked by redundancy. It needs to be proofread once again for any repetitions.

4) His behavior was marked with a kind of redundancy that the interviewers did not appreciate. He didn’t come across as a person who desperately wanted the job.

5) The only concern that the CEO had about diverting resources to the new project was that he would have to create a redundancy at the top level.

6) Large organizations need to constantly comb through their workforce to check for the need of a redundancy. This is one way they can reduce costs.

7) Most employees began performing well after they were given an ultimatum of redundancy in case they didn’t reach their targets.

8) It seemed like he was deliberately goofing up at work so that he could be fired and given a hefty redundancy package.

9) The software is designed in such a way that it will reduce redundancy and therefore save costs incurred due to omissions or human negligence.

10) The workshop was not successful because it was full of redundancy. The topics of study and themes of all the seminars were completely dated.

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