How to Use Reluctant in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Reluctant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Reluctant, Reluctantly and Reluctance.

Reluctant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Reluctant (adjective) means hesitant or unwilling.

It can be used to describe resistance or lack of eagerness in a person to do something.

Reluctance, is when a person does something forcefully, without having a desire to do it.

Add the word reluctant to your vocabulary to suggest disinclination or aversion. Suppose you are going to your best friend’s birthday party even though you don’t want to, you would be going reluctantly.

Reluctant: Other Grammatical Forms

Reluctantly (adverb)

Reluctance (noun)

Another word for Reluctant



Reluctant in a Sentence Examples

1) She gave the project a reluctant approval. She didn’t want to fund it but she didn’t have the heart the refuse to her favorite nephew.

2) The only reason that investors are reluctant to sign the documents is because they’ve heard some vicious rumors about the company going bankrupt.


3) The actress seemed reluctant to give the interview because she didn’t have enough information about the person who was going to interview her.

4) She was reluctant to get the knee replacement surgery done because she knew that it would be very painful and quite expensive too.


5) She was reluctant to go out on a date with her ex-boyfriend, even though he apologized again and again for breaking up with her earlier.

6) Be sure about what you want in life and don’t be reluctant to do everything you can in your power to get it.

7) I was reluctant to take public transport at night. Instead I chose to take the cab back home.

8) The waitress was reluctant to comply with the customer’s constant demands but she had no choice.

9) The coach pushed him in the swimming pool even though he was reluctant to get in the water. The coach said that it was the only way to get rid of his fear.

10) The man was reluctant about trusting his new financial advisor until he could guarantee a fixed return on his investments.


Reluctantly in a Sentence Examples

1) She shook my hand reluctantly. I could see that she was not too willing to acquaint herself with me.

2) His father reluctantly gave his son a hundred dollars because he didn’t trust his judgment on spending money.

3) The job interviewers reluctantly agreed to hire the candidate just because he showed so much enthusiasm.

4) Everyone knew that she would attend the party reluctantly because he ex-boyfriend was also expected will be present there.

5) He reluctantly gave his ex-wife a compliment just because everyone else was praising her beauty.

6) She reluctantly gave the interview even though it was not the job she was looking for. It was because her financial situation had worsened.

7) The teacher reluctantly made her way into the classroom even though she was fed up of her job.

8) He reluctantly went to see the movie with his girlfriend even though he found romantic comedies very boring.

9) My father always went to the movies with us very reluctantly. For some reason, he thought that theatres were unhygienic.


10) His reluctantly sought a professional’s help. All this while, he thought that seeking help was a sign of weakness.

Reluctance in a Sentence Examples

1) Her body language reflected a reluctant disposition, as if she was there at the party only for the sake of it.

2) The reluctance of my family towards my new boyfriend was palpable. They confirmed my suspicion that they didn’t like him.

3) If you show reluctance to run menial errands, you might not get a job because of your bad attitude.

4) If the celebrity you are interviewing shows reluctance in answering questions, show some presence of mind and change your question.

5) They felt great amount reluctance in moving interstate but their redundancies had left them with no other options.

6) I showed reluctance in coming to her place because I was taunted sarcastically when I was there the last time.

7) His reluctance in taking up the new assignment was quite apparent. But his boss managed to convince him to take it up.

8) Fighter pilots have split seconds to take decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. Self-doubt and reluctance have no place in this stressful profession.

9) His reluctance in making a commitment to the relationship was the reason she broke it off even after dating him for 4 years.

10) You need to get rid of your reluctance towards taking risks in life. If you want to be successful, you must learn how to take calculated risks.

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