How to Use Reverie In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Reverie in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Reverie.

Reverie: Definition and Meaning

Reverie (noun) refers to a sweet daydream or chain of pleasant thoughts. It suggests a trance that a person slips into while working or being involved in any activity.

Most reveries are known to be impractical, abstract and fantastical. Just like dreams, they provide an escape from the daily grind of reality.

In the field of music, it is used to describe a certain piece or an instrumental composition which creates the mood of a daydream.

Create a sentence with the word reverie to describe a situation of being completely mesmerized or lost in sweet thoughts. It is typically be used to describe a person who is sipping coffee while looking outside the window, lost in pleasant musings.

Reverie: Other Grammatical Forms


Reverie in a Sentence Examples

1) As my mother sung my favorite lullaby, I slipped into a beautiful reverie where I found myself floating on the clouds above the rainbow.

2) The music was so soothing that it put me into a reverie which eventually transformed into deep sleep.

3) Looking outside the window, my cat always looks like it is caught in a reverie about chasing thousands of mice.

4) Sipping a cocktail and basking in the sun while lying on the hammock is what my most desirable reverie is made up of.

5) All the aromatic wine around me was inducing me into a reverie that I never wanted to come out of.

6) Relaxing on the beach always makes me slip into a beautiful reverie, releasing all the stress and tension that I may have accumulated during the week.

7) Wanting to marry the hot girl in his class was like a reverie that would never come true for him.

8) It is time we woke up from our reverie and actually did something to pursue our dreams.

9) Her life is like a reverie because she lives all by herself in a forest villa without any responsibilities.

10) My son needs to be shaken out of his reverie and told that life is not a cakewalk and that he will have to work hard to achieve what he wants.

11) There was a time in my life when all I did was roll around in my bed all day, engulfed in one reverie after the other.

12) The languid pace of the movie made the viewers sink into a reverie which was replete with carefree joy.

13) I hated it when my most cherished reverie was broken into a thousand pieces by my beeping cell phone.

14) Sometimes, it can be a good thing to slip into a reverie. You may feel refreshed and relaxed later.

15) Looking at the pictures of his favorite actress on the internet, he floated into a sweet reverie.

16) After he had some of his favorite scotch every night, he would lose himself in a reverie and not come out of it until the wee hours of morning.

17) There is one particular symphony composed by Beethoven which puts me in a reverie every time I listen to it. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten which one it is.

18) It was only when the pilot announced our arrival that I was shaken from my reverie about my family.

19) It is difficult to know whether he is hallucinating because of his schizophrenic condition or he has slipped into a reverie.

20) He was thrown into a beautiful reverie when he opened the treasure chest and found his deceased mother’s personal diary and some old, tattered photographs.

21) Every time Yanni plays the piano, the beautiful sounds of his melody transport his listeners into a reverie.

22) The background score of the movie which comprised a beautiful ghostly reverie was befitting its horror theme.

23) The filmmaker’s only objective of using the haphazardly edited montages was to represent his personal reverie onto celluloid.

24) He was in such a deep reverie that he couldn’t even hear the doorbell which had been rung so many times.

25) I often find myself slipping into the reverie of a beautiful vacation when I am in the middle of writing my exam.

26) The unfortunate reality of my life manages to stir me out of my reverie every single time.

27) The teacher scolded the student for being lost in her reverie while an important lecture was going on.

28) The reverie was so strong that he mistook it for reality.

29) My boss was so caught up in the reverie of his impending promotion that he got delayed on the submitting the final report.

30) It will take a holler from her manager for her to realize that she cannot be lost in a reverie while she is at work.

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