Sarcasm: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Sarcasm in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Sarcasm, Sarcastic and Sarcastically.

Sarcasm Definition and Meaning with Examples

Sarcasm (noun) refers to hurtful witticism which aims to insult. It is a manner of conversation or behavior meant to wound or ridicule through the use of irony.

Sarcasm generally takes the form of a scornful comment, contemptuous taunt, biting remark or an irreverent quip to mock, humiliate or drive home a point.

Sarcasm is typically used when someone deliberately says the exact opposite of what they mean, with the aim to offend. Being sarcastic is physically characterized by rolling of the eyes, laughing in a deliberate way, smirking or putting emphasis on specific words.

Form a sentence with the word sarcasm to express a clever way of hurting somebody with without using a direct insult.

Sarcasm: Other grammatical forms

Sarcastic (adjective)

Sarcastically (adverb)

Sarcasm: Sentence examples

1) The sarcasm in her voice was enough to let me know that she was not very happy about the decision I made.

2) Sarcasm is a quality that can help you to tell people off in a subtle way without offending them in any way. It can be a great asset in the workplace.

3) Sarcasm is not her forte. She would rather make her point upfront and pay the price of getting into trouble.

4) When he rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh, I knew that his next comment was going to be full of sarcasm.

5) He thinks that his sarcasm is funny, but most people think it is hurtful. This is why I have asked him to refrain from being sarcastic all the time.

6) My professor’s sarcasm is so erudite that most students don’t even get it. Doesn’t he realize that his students make fun of him?

7) Absorbing what I say instead of retorting with immediate sarcasm will put you in a better position to deal with the same situation next time.

8) The best way to insult an annoying person is to resort to sarcasm, but this isn’t a knack that everybody has.

9) There is a thin line between sarcasm and wit which I hope you will not cross. I am your mother and I expect you to behave.

10) You can drive home a point with the use of a little sarcasm in your writing. But with too much of it, your point will be lost.

Sarcastic: Sentence examples

1) Her sarcastic wit never fails to make anyone laugh. She has rightly picked stand-up comedy as her profession.

2) Many people make unnecessary sarcastic comments only because they seek attention. In reality, they don’t have much substance.

3) His sarcastic remarks came and bit him in his own back. That is when he realized that he should have watched his tongue.

4) My mother’s sarcastic tone put me off so much that I decided to be snide too. I realized that I shouldn’t have done that because I disrespected her.

5) Being sarcastic is not going to help you to get your work done. You’d rather be polite and courteous.

6) Don’t think you are too intelligent just because you are sarcastic and have a way with words. Someone will give it back to you one day.

7) Many people use air quotes when they want to convey that they are being sarcastic. It’s become so common now.

8) Stand-up comedians generate most of their comedy though sarcastic undertones about topics that are political or social in nature.

9) My manager’s sarcastic way of talking confuses me about what he really means.

10) The article about the play was so sarcastic that it must have scathed its makers. It is unfortunate that the play got bad reviews across the board.

Sarcastically: Sentence examples

1) She always talks back to her parents sarcastically when she wants to prove something.

2) He clapped his hands sarcastically to convey to his sister how much she had embarrassed him in front of everyone.

3) My boss rejected all my ideas by snapping back sarcastically. He was is a foul mood and best left alone.

4) She sarcastically suggested that it was better to die than go to the party.

5) He smirked sarcastically to suggest that he did not like the idea at all and that he wasn’t going to succumb to it.

6) She is infamous for quipping away sarcastically without judging the situation or the people around her. Be on your guard.

7) Imagine how hurt you would feel if someone else joked about your deplorable condition sarcastically.

8) Whenever you want to avoid an awkward question, try to answer it sarcastically.

9) If you claim to be her best friend, you should not have taunted her sarcastically.

10) He not only answered all my questions sarcastically but also followed it up with desultory insinuations.

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