Somber: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Somber in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Somber, Somberly and Somberness.

Somber: Definition and Meaning

Somber (adjective) means dark or dull. It can be used to describe someone or something that is gloomy or dismal.

Somber can also refer to a feeling of gravity, sadness or melancholia.

Somber’s meaning may also suggest earnestness or dignity in a person.

Add the word somber to your vocabulary by using to express seriousness of any kind. Associate it with things like a dark colored dress, overcast skies,solemn mood, dignified personality, earnest look, sad atmosphere or restrained expression.

Somber: Other Grammatical Forms

Somberly (adverb)

Somberness (noun)

Somber in a Sentence Examples

1) It was a somber evening with not much to do or talk. Although everyone was present at the dinner table their minds were somewhere else.

2) My father’s somber look was enough to convey how deeply he had been hurt by my actions. I felt extremely sorry for what I did.

3) My hunch that it was going to rain proved right as the skies began to turn somber and the wind picked up speed.

4) People are expected to keep their mobile phones off when they are attending a somber occasion like a funeral.

5) What started out as a somber luncheon became a laugh riot after he arrived.

6) The subject of the film is somber so you might consider giving it a pass if you are not in the mood to introspect or reflect.

7) His expression turned somber when he was asked about his deceased son. A volley of bad memories crossed his mind.

8) Since this is a popular joint for businessmen and corporate honchos, you will find tons of somber faces engulfed in deep discussion.

9) Since it was a formal event, the decorations were somber and minimal.

10) She brought a somber gray dress to wear to the felicitation event. I think it is a shade which will suit her eclectic palette.

Somberly in a Sentence Examples

1) She clinked her spoon to her plate somberly as she waited for a reply from her husband about their divorce.

2) With hands folded across their chests, the somberly waited for the boss’s reply regarding the pink slip given to them the previous week.

3) She replied somberly when she was asked whether she was bringing along a date or not. Her tone made it obvious that she was single.

4) Even though I was very far from the table, I saw our fathers talking to each other somberly. It seemed as if they had arrived at a critical decision.

5) It was because they were true gentlemen that they spoke to each other somberly even at the back of such a horrid argument.

6) The funeral was carried out somberly as members of family and friends took turns to place wreaths on the grave.

7) She dressed way too somberly for an occasion which was supposed to be filled with fun and gaiety.

8) She warned him to not come to her wedding very somberly, but there was a menacing undertone in the way she spoke.

9) The room was decorated somberly. It was a perfect place for me to let some steam off, write and reflect.

10) The crowd looked on somberly as the queen walked to the podium to make the unfortunate announcement.

Somberness in a Sentence Examples

1) The melancholic tunes played by the cellist added to the somberness of the evening.

2) The somberness of the funeral was punctuated with soft sobs of family members and murmurs of people standing behind them.

3) The mood of her birthday party was marked by somberness, considering that it coincidentally fell on the same day as her father’s death anniversary.

4) The brown velvet curtains, gray upholstery and ecru furnishings added to the somberness of the room.

5) The somberness with which they dealt with the situation was astounding. What could have been an ugly fight ended up being a mature discussion.

6) The somberness of her tone on the phone revealed how distressed she really was.

7) The movie authentically portrayed the somberness of the conditions in which war veterans lived and the troubles that they faced.

8) I don’t like it when my dad wears a beard. It unnecessarily adds to the somberness of his look.

9) For some reason, the air in his house is filled with somberness. Everyone is always serious about something or the other.

10) There is a certain somberness in his demeanor which adds to his charm and makes him such a sophisticated actor.


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