How to use Heinous in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Heinous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Heinous, Heinously and Heinousness.

Heinous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Heinous (adjective) means wicked, monstrous or atrocious.

Heinous can be used to describe an action, thing, person or behavior that is loathsome and repulsive.

Commonly, the word heinous is known to be used to describe something which is mildly awful. But it is meant to describe something which is outrageously shocking or detestable.

Create a sentence with the word heinous to suggest something villainous or ghastly. It is usually associated with a vile crime, serious offense, unforgivable attack, hateful abuse or contemptuous action.

Heinous: Other Grammatical Forms

Heinously (adverb)

Heinousness (noun)

Heinous in a Sentence Examples

1) It was pretty heinous of her boss to insult her in the presence of all her colleagues. He could have done it more discreetly.

2) Forgetting my birthday is heinous enough, there is no need to plead for forgiveness and make my day any more despicable.

3) If you give the bully of your class a heinous moniker, he may eventually stop harassing you all.

4) Cleaning up the garage and getting the kids to tidy their room are the most cumbersome and heinous tasks of a Sunday.

5) Heinous actions are bound to have negative repercussions. There is no escaping the laws of destiny and Karma.

6) Don’t look at the poor dissected frog as if it is something heinous and dangerous. It’s just something you’ve got to work with in a biology lab.

7) This country has a very heinous history which reeks of injustice, torture and anguish amongst people.

8) When the heinous conspiracy of the minister was exposed, the nation sat shocked in front of their televisions.

9) The first paragraph of the story set the stage. It described a sepulchral and eerie milieu of the abandoned ghost town where the heinous criminal would be let loose.

10) My father thinks that all my boyfriends are heinous. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped telling him who I am dating.

Heinously in a Sentence Examples

1) The media always covers heinously committed crimes but it never seems to report what eventually happens to the perpetrators who are caught.

2) The animals were heinously shoved into the cardboard box with very small holes meant for ventilation.

3) The heinously perpetrated crime was criticized heavily by all the governments of the world on social media and television.

4) Teachers simply cannot excuse such a heinously gruesome crime committed by a group of young students.

5) If heinously oppressive acts are not protested against, their recurrence will grow with a vengeance.

6) They strategized against their colleague so heinously that he was ousted from the prestigious project overnight.

7) My wife gave me a heinously charred meal when I came back home late after promising her to come back early.

8) The injury was heinously inflicted upon the little puppy and it was abandoned on the street. I wept when I saw it in such an unfortunate state.

9) He deliberately floated a heinously vindictive rumor about his best friend because was secretly envious of him.

10) The mob abused us heinously because we hadn’t delivered what we promised them in the elections last year.

Heinousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Media has no boundaries. The heinousness of intrusive photographs taken by reporters of the celebrity couple during their private honeymoon was appalling.

2) After attacking her professor verbally with much heinousness, she stormed out of the room to go to the principal’s office.

3) If you like reading about the heinousness of the World Wars, this reference book is for you.

4) There can be no forgiveness for the heinousness of your actions. Even if God forgives you, I surely won’t.

5) The protesters carried large signboards that read slogans rebelling against the heinousness of the government.

6) The heinousness of the accident was instantly clear once we saw the all the grotesque photographs.

7) Do you even know the heinousness of his act? He deserved no pity or mercy from the people of this village.

8) The heinousness of my son’s thoughts shocked me. I had no idea that he was capable of thinking so wickedly.

9) The horror element of the movie mainly came from the heinousness of the protagonist’s actions.

10) Didn’t you now about the heinousness of the felony that you were committing? Didn’t your conscience bite you even once?

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