Trivial: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Trivial in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Trivial, Trivia, Triviality, Trivially and Trivialize.

Trivial Definition and Meaning with Examples

Trivial (adjective) means unimportant or insignificant.

The word refers to something which is so minor and commonplace that it doesn’t hold much weight.

While most grammatical forms of trivial bear negative connotations, the word trivia which refers to petty details can bear positive connotations depending on the way in which it is used in a sentence.

Use various forms of trivial to express something which is ordinary or paltry. Use it to describe an inconsequential action, irrelevant action, trite conversation or a frivolous fact.

Trivial: Other Grammatical Forms

Trivia (noun)

Triviality (noun)

Trivially (adverb)

Trivialize (verb)

Trivialization (noun)

Trivial in a Sentence Examples

1) I wasted most of my life in dealing with trivial things.

2) A matter which seems trivial to an employee may be of serious consequence to an organization.

3) The lawyer assured his client that such a trivial statement would not dent the strength of their case.

4) She is too busy a person to participate in the trivial gossip of her colleagues.

5) The teacher has no time to attend to trivial accusations that students make on each other.

6) I wonder why she is crying over something so trivial.

7) Flu is too trivial a matter to see the famous physician.

8) The readers found the interview to be too trivial. The interviewer could have added more meat to the content by framing better questions.

9) The fact that she is a trivial and flippant woman, comes across in the very first five minutes that you talk to her.

10) Their marriage has been fatigued by trivial arguments like why their son didn’t wear blue instead of black shoes.

Trivia in a Sentence Examples

1) This book became a bestseller because it has some amazing trivia about politicians in it.

2) Sometimes facts that seem like trivia matter the most in a legal case.

3) The researcher had to scout through massive amounts of trivia to find a few words worth of useful information.

4) The teacher asked the students to create a quiz contest based on trivia related to the field of Science.

5) Reading about the trivia surrounding a celebrity’s life will help you to get more insight regarding him or her.

6) Her head is filled with so much trivia that she cannot remember important things.

7) It’s amazing how students manage to remember trivia about their favorite actors but not lessons from their book.

8) The reception of her office is filled with a gamut of magazines offering movie trivia.

9) My mother loves watching cooking shows because she gets to know a lot of culinary trivia which she can share with her friends.

10) The internet is overflowing with useless trivia.

Triviality in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t waste your time over the trivialities of life. There are many other important things to look forward to.

2) The more importance you give to the trivialities of your life, the more inflated they will seem.

3) Elevator conversations generally tend to be full of triviality.

4) This report is full of triviality. I want you to add more substance to it.

5) The loss made by this firm is a mere triviality for the parent company.

Trivially in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t treat a situation of such a serious magnitude so trivially.

2) Treating these symptoms trivially right may mean hospital admission later.

3) It was very surprising to see her react trivially on being informed about her friend’s problems.

4) Don’t treat the death of your best friend’s pet trivially. Pets may mean nothing to you, but they meant the world to your friend.

5) Treating her own illness trivially and not taking care of herself was the biggest mistake she made.

Trivialize in a Sentence Examples

1) The mother trivialized her child’s constant complaints of having headaches, only to realize late that it was a tumor.

2) You may be able to ignore the matter by trivializing it, but one fine day it will crop its ugly head back into your life.

3) Be graceful when someone rejects you, but don’t be tolerant when someone trivializes you or your ideas.

4) By laughing at a crime report on TV, we are trivializing the seriousness of the offense for our kids.

5) Use sarcasm in your writing style, but not to the extent that it trivializes the important points that your story wishes to communicate.

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