Unctuous in a sentence

What does unctuous mean? It means to be characterized by something that is excessive in piousness and will be affecting the person in a certain manner.

Noun: -unctuousity

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you come across an honest politician that has aunctuous personality, then you are in for a very good time.
  • It is the unctuous demeanor of Justin that has led to a lot of problems in the past. However, there are subtle changes that one could now find in his behavior.
  • After going out from the supermarket, there were a lot of unctuous comments being told about the woman that had just left by the entire salesman.
  • While most of the comedians take to creating good-quality caricatures, Jack, with all his intensity, would bring forward a caricature of his father that was extremely
  • The performance of the band was unctuous to say the least; however, the person guilty for this particular performance would have to be the sound man.
  • The impression that you provided on me was extremely unctuous of you.

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