Use Quirky in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Quirky in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Quirky, Quirkiness, Quirkily and Quirk.

Quirky Definition and Meaning with Examples

Quirky (adjective) means eccentric or unusual. It can refer to a thing, person or an action which is unconventional or peculiar. Quirk, the noun form of the word is also used to suggest a sudden twist or turn in anything.

Use quirk in your vocabulary to express something which represents the alternative or is offbeat. Quirky is generally associated with people who have an odd sense of wit and outlandish choices. It can also be used to describe bizarre and oddball elements in popular culture, performing arts or everyday life.

Quirky: Other Grammatical Forms

Quirkiness (noun)

Quirkily (adverb)

Quirk (noun)

Quirky in a Sentence Examples

1) His quirky was of dressing was befitting the glamour industry that he was about to enter.

2) She wore a really quirky fascinator bearing plastic fruits and weeds to the races.

3) The actor wore funny clothes and spoke in a weird accent because his character was supposed to be quirky.

4) The woman lives alone in a dilapidated house which reeks of stale bread from inside. She is really quirky.

5) She went to the most expensive salon because she wanted a quirky hairstyle from the best known hairdresser.

6) A lot of artists these days are deliberately trying to make their work quirky to be able to stand out from the crowd and sell better.

7) The bar has become famous because it has quirky drinks on its menu, not because they are necessarily good.

8) The boss wasn’t sure whether to give into his subordinate’s quirky campaign idea, but he went for it hoping it would impress clients just because it was different and refreshing.

9) My daughter took an instant fondness to the quirky oversized glasses with yellow colored frames that I casually picked up at the flea market.

10) Rebels may be quirky people, but the vice versa may not be necessarily true.

Quirkiness in a Sentence Examples

1) Critics mentioned that it was the quirkiness of the film which put the audiences off.

2) His quirkiness may be annoying to some, but it is very endearing to me.

3) Abstract art is one thing but he took the painting’s quirkiness to another level by splashing colors on the canvas by his hand.

4) The uniqueness of this restaurant is its quirkiness. It offers standard desserts with the weirdest toppings.

5) To get into a proper corporate job, he was forced to abandon all his quirkiness.

6) The creative director was sick of getting applications in which all the candidates sprinkled some contrived quirkiness on their resumes to be different.

7) Her quirkiness comes as a breath of fresh air in this office which is otherwise dull and dreary.

8) The designer adds quirkiness to all his fashion shows by picking really fantastical and exaggerated themes.

9) Although most people disparage the quirkiness of the couple’s lives, they clandestinely envy them too.

10) If the manufacturers wanted their product to sell, they should have paid more attention to its utility value rather than its quirkiness.

Quirkily in a Sentence Examples

1) The book became popular because it was written quirkily. It gave birth to a writing style which was the first of its kind.

2) Behaving quirkily has become an essential part of a celebrity’s public image these days.

3) She behaved quirkily just to garner more attention from her friends.

4) If Lady Gaga wasn’t dressed quirkily, it would be a surprise.

5) The hotel was done up quirkily, with posters of famous comic book heroes painted on the ceiling and waiters strutting around with capes on their shoulders.

Quirk in a Sentence Examples

1) His quirks are erratic, random and extremely humorous.

2) Be wary of the quirks of London’s weather, it’s extremely unpredictable.

3) Apart from his occasional personal quirks, he is a perfectly sane gentleman.

4) Considering his personality, he is bound to write a script full of quirks and eccentricities.

5) Thank God for the quirk of destiny, else we would have never met again in life.

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