Use Flair in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Flair in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Flair.

Flair (noun) means knack or ability. It refers to innate aptitude or bent for doing something well. Its second meaning refers to style, originality or verve. It can also be used to describe a person’s keenness for something.

Add the word flair to your vocabulary to suggest a person’s talent, finesse or discernment. For example, if a person has the ability to wear the right clothes well-suited to a particular occasion, he or she has a flair for dressing. Similarly, if a building’s unique design is what sets it apart from others, it is said to have architectural flair.

Flair: Other Grammatical Forms


Flair in a Sentence Examples

1) She has a flair for languages. She is a polyglot who can speak English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian.

2) They have a flair for throwing grand parties that mainly revolve around business networking and liaison.

3) She sings with a lot of flair even though she is not formally trained. It was her style that won her a spot in American Idol.

4) He has a flair for responding to arrogant people with biting sarcasm. His witty one-liners are taunts are worth compiling for a book.

5) Her dish was marked with contemporary Chinese flair which I haven’t seen in even in a modern Chinese city like Shanghai.

6) Don’t worry about feeling awkward in her company. She has a flair for making friends out of the most random strangers.

7) I expect his house to be decorated impeccably because his wife has an enviable artistic flair.

8) Even though he loses at the races every year, he continues to bet with a lot of flair.

9) She has everything that makes a diva – flair, panache, elegance and eloquence. With all these qualities, she is bound to win the Miss World title.

10) She added a touch of flair to the furniture in her house by commissioning antique handles and accessories.

11) My mother has a flair for throwing theme based parties. Her last Halloween party was the biggest hit in town.

12) I like her better than most other tennis players because she plays with unmatched confidence and flair.

13) His personal flair of using highfalutin words in everyday language tends to intimidate his subordinates.

14) My boss has a flair for training young incumbents and making them feel absolutely at home in their first few weeks of starting work.

15) The facade of the building was designed with an easily identifiable European flair. It was a beautiful addition to the cobblestoned street.

16) He wore his Wayfarers and lit a cigar with the flair of a businessman. Wealth had indeed made him a stylish person.

17) I sent my daughter to grooming school because she wanted to develop personal flair and stand out from the crowd.

18) He has a gift of the gab and a flair for covering up his own mistakes in the media by giving long-winded answers to sharp questions.

19) The contestant won only because he showed precision in technique and the culinary flair of a seasoned chef.

20) He has distinctive flair of injecting humor in the gravest of situations. Sometimes though, it does backfire.

21) His flair for being a drama queen comes handy when he wants to conveniently get out of a sticky situation.

22) The advertising campaign was designed with a lot of flair. Stand-up comics and street entertainers were hired to bring out the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the brand.

23) My brother has a flair for spontaneous public speaking. He can speak eloquently and convincingly on any given topic at any given time.

24) She wore her gigantic fascinator with flair – a feat that a faint-hearted fashionista wouldn’t be able to achieve.

25) It’s evident that he loves the English language because of the impeccable flair that he has written the editorial piece with.

26) It’s obvious that an elite socialite will dress with flair. I am more interested in seeing what the working class of this country wears on a daily basis.

27) Everyone thinks that he has a child prodigy because he has an extraordinary flair for playing the piano even though he is not trained formally.

28) She swirled the wine in her glass and inhaled the aroma with the flair of a wine aficionado.

29) It was her creative approach and marketing flair which impressed the interviewers. Needless to say, she got the job.

30) My daughter had a flair for design since her childhood, which is why I recommend advertising to her as career choice.

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