Ambiguous: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Ambiguous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ambiguous, Ambiguity and Ambiguously.

Ambiguous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ambiguous (adjective) means vague or unclear. It refers to something which can be interpreted in more than one ways and is hard to pin down.

Ambiguous is usually used to describe a situation, person or action which is difficult to understand, consequently giving rise to confusion.

Add ambiguous to your daily vocabulary by using it to describe a misleading interpretation or lack of clarity.

This word is generally used to evoke a negative meaning which suggests confusion. It may also be occasionally used to convey a positive sense.

Ambiguous: Other Grammatical Forms

Ambiguity (noun)

Ambiguously (adverb)

Ambiguousness (noun)

Ambiguous in a Sentence Examples

1) Her decision was ambiguous. On one hand, she was reluctant to get married and on the other, she wanted to sign a prenup.

2) The dress is neither green, nor blue. It is an ambiguous color that I cannot describe.

3) The exam was tough not because the questions were difficult, but because they were ambiguous.

4) People who give ambiguous replies all the time may turn out to be manipulative.

5) Her husband’s position in the house is ambiguous. Sometimes he is treated with respect and other times, like dirt.

6) The reason for the murder is still ambiguous as the police have been unable to find any substantial clues.

7) The accountant was unable to classify the expenditure in a category because it seemed ambiguous.

8) The report was too ambiguous for me to draw any valid conclusions from it.

9) She called me once again to clarify my answers which she thought were quite ambiguous.

10) The shape of the vase was so ambiguous that I couldn’t make out whether it was a square, rectangle or cube.


Ambiguity in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t leave so much ambiguity in your email. Say what you want to say directly and precisely.

2) Even though we have been the best of friends, there is no ambiguity left in our decision to separate as business partners.

3) The ambiguity in the artist’s work is what makes it beautiful and fascinating.

4) The complainant lost the case because there was a significant amount of ambiguity in the evidence.

5) I hate reading market policies and insurance papers as their wordings are complicated and full of ambiguity.

6) Let’s see if you can decipher the ambiguity of this image – it is a tiger or a wolf?

7) Ambiguity is the strength of abstract art, not its limitation.


8) There is no ambiguity about the fact that such a heinous crime should be made a non-bailable offence.


9) Most people display moral ambiguity and become truthful only when it is convenient to them.

10) The student tried to make his way around the messy situation by giving his teacher an excuse full of ambiguity.

Ambiguously in a Sentence Examples

1) The law was coded so ambiguously that even experts couldn’t understand what it meant.

2) Because my teacher smiled ambiguously, I couldn’t make out whether she was mocking me or complimenting me.

3) Managers cannot afford to instruct their subordinates ambiguously if they want to get their work done with perfection.

4) He has acquired a dark, brooding and enigmatic personality because he speaks ambiguously all the time.

5) Public has reacted ambiguously to the elections this year. The candidate who was expected to become President has witnessed a shaming defeat.

6) He is not the type of person who understands the subtlety of things which are said ambiguously. He only understands direct communication.

7) What Lady Gaga was wearing was neither a tunic, nor a top. It was an ambiguously designed dress.

8) We were debating the end of the story since the writer concluded it ambiguously.

9) Life is strange. It will unfold itself ambiguously and surprise you when you least expect it to.

10) He displayed his differences with his boss ambiguously as he didn’t want everyone to know that they were at odds with each other.

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