Arduous in a Sentence

What does arduous mean? It means undertaking an activity that requires a lot of energy and strain on your body.

Noun: -arduousness

Adjective: -superarduous

Sentence Examples: –

  • The examinations of the semester seem to be a piece of cake, but when it comes to the oral examination, it could definitely turn out to be
  • If you play any musical instrument, it may seem to be arduous at first, but given a lot of time to it, you will certainly end up becoming a master.
  • If this is your first examination towards a driving license, you would find it to be very arduous. However, take your time and you would be on your way securing it.
  • It is an arduous challenge for you to read Shakespearean novels and not look into the dictionary at one point of time.
  • If you undertakearduous practice in any trade, you would certainly end up becoming good at it.
  • Understanding your words over the telephone can seem to be an arduous task, as you are always shouting.

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