Conscientious in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Conscientious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Conscientious, Conscientiously and Conscientiousness.

Conscientious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Conscientious (adjective) means diligent or dedicated. It describes a person who does a job thoroughly by putting in great effort and focus.

Any action which is done meticulously, painstakingly or rigorously can be called conscientious.

It also refers to actions that are guided by a person’s conscience or a sense of right and wrong.

For example, someone who burns the midnight oil and completes a project much ahead of its deadline is a conscientious person.

Conscientious: Other Grammatical Forms

Conscientiously (adverb)

Conscientiousness (noun)

Conscientious in a Sentence Examples

1) He is a conscientious man who will do everything in his power to ensure that the project doesn’t get delayed because of him.

2) He is so conscientious by nature that he’ll do things perfectly even when he’s not going to get anything in return.

3) The manager was looking to hire a conscientious team that wouldn’t mind working overtime.

4) It was a conscientious decision on their part to get their son to apologize to his friend even though it wasn’t entirely his fault.

5) Be conscientious when you lend your support to political ideologies. Your children will imbibe the same morals and values as you.

6) She is a conscientious teacher who will not side with her pet student. She’ll only do what seems fair.

7) When conscientious students don’t do well in tests, they become so disappointed that they lose faith in hard work and perseverance.

8) It was on conscientious grounds that he refused to give his niece a job in his company. He didn’t want people saying that he had indulged in nepotism.

9) As a father, he always advised his kids after taking a conscientious view of the situation.


10) He tried to prove himself innocent by saying that his lies were conscientious and that he was only trying to protect his sister.

Conscientiously in a Sentence Examples

1) Sometimes we fail even though we work conscientiously towards our goals. That’s just life’s way of telling us to try again.

2) He spoke conscientiously about the things that the community should do for ensuring safety of children in public places.

3) They have conscientiously hired people from all backgrounds and religions to that they can prove to the corporate world that they indeed offer equal employment opportunities.

4) The case was not easy to win. It took the lawyer almost a year to conscientiously build an argument for his client.

5) I have great admiration for people who can conscientiously deal with the languid ways of government offices.

6) He conscientiously followed a strict exercise regimen and a tailored diet. But no matter what he did, he wasn’t being able to lose weight.

7) She studied the document conscientiously for days together but she couldn’t figure out if it was original or not.

8) She succumbed to the pressures of being a celebrity even though she conscientiously tried everything to live a normal life.

9) As a cop, he was supposed to do his job conscientiously.

10) Just because he does his job conscientiously, doesn’t mean he is intelligent. It just means that he is a good worker.

Conscientiousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The conscientiousness with which he works, makes him one of my most precious employees.

2) As a celebrity, he thought it was imperative for him to show conscientiousness and speak in support of gender equality.

3) The CEO congratulated his team on winning the award and appreciated the conscientiousness of their tireless effort.

4) Just because she comes across as frivolous, you don’t have the liberty to doubt the conscientiousness of her work.

5) It was a pity to see that her conscientiousness and hard work of so many years was being rewarded with a pink slip just because the company was cutting costs.

6) Their conscientiousness and passion towards their job has been exemplary. It has produced unprecedented goodwill for the company.

7) My stepdad defended me with surprising conscientiousness in front of my mother.

8) Knowing her sense of conscientiousness, we knew that she would always do the right thing even it proved to be unfavorable for her own family.

9) She got her daughter a pet because she wanted her to learn how to take care of it and imbibe the virtue of conscientiousness.

10) Even though he has become a business tycoon who can outsource just about everything, he still retains his sense of conscientiousness.

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