Diffident in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Diffident in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Diffident, Diffidently and Diffidence.

Diffident Definition and Meaning with Examples

Diffident (adjective) means shy or timid. It can be used to describe a person who is hesitant and unassertive.

The word diffident refers to a person who has low self-confidence and is always doubtful or nervous.

Use diffident in a sentence to suggest a person’s inhibitions or modesty.

A reserved personality, doubtful opinion, hesitant stance, self-conscious behavior, sheepish manner and a meek attitude shows diffidence in a person.

Diffident: Other Grammatical Forms

Diffidently (adverb)

Diffidence (noun)

Diffident in a Sentence Examples

1) I am scared for my son because he is introverted, vulnerable and diffident by nature. He will find it hard to fend for himself in the future.

2) She comes across as a diffident person in group meetings because she still hasn’t learnt the ropes of the job yet.

3) The politician’s diffident oratory is doing him no good because he not being able to swing people’s opinion.

4) He is too diffident to work in a company which requires him to do such excessive selling and talking.

5) The psychiatrist found it very difficult to deal with him because he was extremely diffident and refused to open up about anything.

6) Even though my best friend was such a good dancer, she was diffident about auditioning at the local dance competition.

7) He is a little diffident but I am sure that a few personality development exercises will open him up.

8) If you have the urge to say something, say it openly and strongly. Don’t be diffident about it.

9) For a diffident person, he did quite well at telling the waitress off for serving him a terribly mixed cocktail.

10) Don’t make the mistake of underestimating him just because he is diffident. He can unleash the tiger within him anytime he wants.

Diffidently in a Sentence Examples

1) If you behave so diffidently in front of your boss, he will never know how talented you are and you will never get a chance to climb up the corporate ladder.

2) No one knows that he possesses such a vast ocean of knowledge, just because he behaves so diffidently all the time.

3) She praised her manager diffidently. She was scared that if she went overboard, he might think of her as hitting on him.

4) She was pushed onto the stage even though she was completely unprepared for giving a speech. That is the reason she spoke so diffidently.

5) She opined diffidently in front of her boss, as if she was scared of saying something wrong.

6) You may think that your diffidence stems from your unsociability, but it will always be misunderstood as your weakness.

7) He greeted his boss diffidently. It was only after he broke the ice with him that he felt comfortable and at ease.

8) It was shocking to see how diffidently he gave the interview. He seemed so outgoing and gregarious otherwise.

9) While the father is far too ambitious and takes decisions haphazardly, the son exactly the opposite. He thinks diffidently all the time.

10) Being the humble folk that they were, they diffidently agreed to come on the podium and accept the award for being the best charitable organization in the state.

Diffidence in a Sentence Examples

1) One failure should not bring so much diffidence in you. It should only inspire you to do better next time.

2) Your diffidence will be the reason for your undoing. You will fail for no reason but the fact that you could not exhibit your talents properly.

3) There is no space for diffidence in a marketing and sales job. You have to go out there and sell yourself vociferously.

4) She was very jittery about telling her best friend how horrible she looked in that yellow dress. Her diffidence came in the way of her honesty.

5) People will walk all over you and treat you like a doormat if you keep showing such diffidence all the time.

6) You will have to get rid of your diffidence and inhibitions if you want to take up acting. It is one profession in which you cannot afford to be shy.

7) The diffidence with which he moved about the office gave his colleagues a chance to make a lot of fun of him.

8) The more diffidence you display in your actions, the more you will give others an opportunity to ridicule you.

9) There was diffidence in his walk and reticence in his manner. He was completely deluded and unsure of what he was about to do.

10) My daughter’s teacher asked me to involve her in a physical sport to get rid of her diffidence.

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