Predicament in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Predicament in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Predicament.

Predicament Definition and Meaning with Examples

Predicament (noun) means quandary or dilemma. It refers to an unpleasant situation or an awkward circumstance to be in.

A confusing situation from which there seems to be no way out, is a predicament.

To be in a tight spot, sticky situation or mare’s nest are the kind of idioms that encapsulate the meaning of the word predicament.

If you have only ten dollars and you don’t know whether to spend it on your next meal or buy your best friend’s birthday gift from it, you are in a bit of a predicament.


Predicament: Other Grammatical Forms


Predicament in a Sentence Examples

1) We found ourselves in a total predicament after we were informed that none of the invitees were going to turn up.

2) It depends on how you face your predicament. Do you succumb or do you tackle it with ease?

3) It is a predicament which you have put yourself in by lying incessantly.

4) With her daughter on one side and her mother on the other, she didn’t know whom to give priority. She was in an emotional predicament.

5) She went to her mentor to get some advice about finding her way out of the gargantuan financial predicament that she had put herself into.

6) Don’t take sadistic pleasure in my predicament. One day you will find yourself in the same spot.

7) I’m in a predicament and I have no idea how to navigate my way out of it.

8) Right now, it’s peer pressure. Tomorrow, you’ll face bigger predicaments.

9) A predicament is a better word for saying that you are in a soup.

10) No matter how many predicaments life throws at you, don’t stop believing in yourself.

11) Her predicaments are too small and insignificant as compared to her mother’s.

12) They never expected their project to come to an abrupt pause because of a legal predicament that the team couldn’t tackle.

13) A financial predicament will become imminent if you don’t start saving right away.

14) Her greatest predicament for the day was whether she should wear culottes or palazzos.

15) The biggest predicaments will start popping up when you begin to hire more people and have bigger teams.

16) She was falling for her ex-husband all over again. It was a crazy predicament to be in.

17) Instead of putting in efforts to get out of her predicament, she was busy blaming others for it.

18) She is so busy dealing with her personal predicaments that she has no idea about the world outside.

19) Get to the root of your predicament and you will find all your answers there.

20) Instead of helping her deal with the predicament, her family’s irrelevant advice only made things worse.

21) The book became a bestseller because of the deftness with which it narrated the predicament of the protagonist.

22) Even when he was in the middle of some if his life’s most horrendous predicaments, he never forgot to wear his signature smile.

23) Whether to give her the tranquilizer or not, was turning out to be the biggest predicament.

24) After her mother died, she found herself in a predicament. She didn’t know how to dispose off her belongings.

25) The plethora of investment schemes these days can cause a real predicament about where to put your money.

26) Having both your exes in front of you can be an awkward predicament to be in.

27) The last minute delay in our flight put us in a real predicament. We didn’t know whether to reschedule our hotel bookings or just cancel our trip.

28) Giving her arguments a response is as good as inviting more retaliation. It’s a predicament to be in.

29) Her predicament is understandable. She doesn’t have the guts to be a whistleblower and she can’t tolerate the misallocation of resources at the same time.

30) Don’t exaggerate your predicaments and make them sound like unsolvable dilemmas.

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