Forte: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Forte in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Forte.

Forte Definition and Meaning with Examples

Forte (noun) means area of expertise. It refers to a person’s capability or skill in a certain field. It also refers to a certain part of a sword in the sport of fencing.

As an adjective or an adverb, the word forte is specifically used in the field of music to suggest a note which is played loudly. But most commonly, it is used to describe a person’s proficiency.

Use forte in daily conversation as an alternative to words like talent, skill or metier to suggest a person’s ability or aptitude at work.

It can also be used to describe a person’s knackprowess or something that is considered to be their cup of tea.

Forte: Other Grammatical Forms

Forte (adjective)

Forte (adverb)

Forte in a Sentence Examples

1) How can you possibly expect me to excel in painting? Art has never been my forte and never will be.

2) Because cooking has always been his forte, taking up the job of a chef was the right thing to do.

3) Managers should divide work amongst team members according to everyone’s forte. Work becomes more enjoyable that way.

4) He didn’t hire her because she was good looking, but because her forte was speedy typing.

5) If you pick your profession according to your forte, you will never feel like you are going to work every day.

6) It is difficult to point out Shakespeare’s forte. He excelled at writing comedies, tragedies and poetic verse too.

7) If you have any questions regarding the World Wars, ask uncle. The niche subjects of wars and battles in world history are his forte.

8) Please don’t ask me to tally accounts. Numbers are just not my forte.

9) The only way your daughter will find out more about her forte is doing different hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

10) Don’t expect her to come and apologize. Modesty is not her forte at all.

11) She easily took to adventure sports because athletics had been her forte since school.

12) If you don’t show your boss what your forte is, he will never be able to delegate the right responsibilities to you.

13) The professor’s repeated failures in conducting lectures successfully proved that teaching was not his forte after all.

14) If IT is not your forte, leave the job to the professionals. Don’t waste time trying to fix the computers on your own.

15) Please allow my son to take part in the elocution competition. He must be able to discover his forte of good oration.

16) Except for your parents and your own conscience, no one will be able to figure out where your forte lies.

17) The business was saved in due time because the owner realized that distribution was the company’s forte, not manufacturing.

18) Filmmaker James Cameron’s forte lies in making magnum opuses like Avatar and Titanic while his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow’s prowess lies in making realistic movies such as The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty.

19) What is the point of eating Mexican food at a restaurant whose forte lies in preparing Italian food?

20) She doesn’t enjoy vacationing with her husband because he loves trekking and sport is just not her forte.

21) It is exciting to see what an artist can create when he goes beyond the boundaries of his forte and tries to do something completely different.

22) The only reason why she brings desserts to our potluck dinners every time is because baking her forte.

23) This book clearly reveals that embellishing facts is his forte.

24) It isn’t surprising for Taylor Swift to have given one more hit soulful number. Writing songs of heartbreak is her forte.

25) How dare did boss give him the assignment that belonged to me? Everything about that project was my forte.

26) He is so good at math and craft that sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out which one of it is his stronger forte.

27) When he was young, sport was never his forte. He got into sports at a much later stage in life, that too by chance.

28) I am not going to argue with him to get my way, I will try to negotiate peacefully. Yelling and screaming is not my forte.

29) Use your forte of being ambidextrous in the best possible way. Not everyone has such a natural gift.

30) Although she knows how to knit and sew, crochet is her forte.

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