How to use Gravitas in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Gravitas in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Gravitas.

Gravitas Definition and Meaning with Examples

Gravitas (noun) means seriousness, solemnity or dignity.

In usage, gravitas refers to a person whose actions, behavior or personality exudes decorum or sobriety.

The word can also be used to describe the substance or weightiness of something.

Create a sentence with the word gravitas to suggest sedateness of any kind. Associate with a regal mansion that looks grand, somber atmosphere of a funeral, dignified looking man or a serious book about poverty in the world.

Gravitas: Other Grammatical Forms


Gravitas in a Sentence Examples

1) The director told the actress that she would have to play her character with great gravitas if she wanted to come across as convincing.

2) Most of gravitas of the regal palace owed itself to the grandeur of the architecture and its elaborate facades.

3) She folded the napkin, took the last sip of her wine and got up from her chair with a lot of gravitas and panache.

4) Most of the sightseeing spots on your itinerary are places full of gravitas. Why don’t you include some fun places too?

5) While my sister was one of those erudite people who enjoyed the solemnity and gravitas of an opera, I didn’t enjoy it all.

6) Your demeanor should ooze gravitas. Only then will the media take you seriously.

7) In a suit and tie, you look like a man of gravitas. I wouldn’t be surprised if your boss suddenly starts paying attention to you.

8) The book has gravitas and rightly so. After all, it covers the hideous crimes perpetuated on the people of our country during World War.

9) The only reason that people have faith in him is because he has the gravitas of a person who can take big decisions.

10) She radiates the gravitas of a woman who knows how to deal with people and handle complex situations efficiently.

11) Since you are covering a poignant and socially relevant topic in this seminar, make sure that you speak with gravitas.

12) He was chosen as the emcee because he has the gravitas required to conduct such a somber event.

13) My teacher’s compeering added much gravitas to the evening which was all about paying a tribute to a student who died in an accident.

14) The opening scene of the book describes the gravitas of the funeral and the farewell given by the protagonist’s family.

15) I was intimidated by the elite, their erudite conversations and the gravitas that they exuded.

16) Don’t compromise on the gravitas of the topic of your essay just because you are afraid of including controversial content.

17) You should aim at making an image for yourself which reflects gravitas. It will work in your favor when you are running for elections.

18) The students need to be trained to show some gravitas while important ceremonies are going on. They are young but that doesn’t permit them to be naive.

19) He was voted to be the next president because he showed gravitas which impressed the people of the country.

20) It is the gravitas in his personality that makes his subordinates obey him and give him so much importance at work.

21) I was amazed to see how a stubble and few tweaks in his hairstyle added so much gravitas to his appearance.

22) She is a lady with gravitas who has always been righteous and done things that benefit people around her.

23) I wish she showed some gravitas on Twitter and stopped retweeting every joke that showed up in her feed.

24) It may take an actor with many years of experience to portray a character with so much gravitas.

25) The fake display of gravitas by the rest of the family members during the funeral was not appreciated.

26) She wrote a poem which beautifully incorporated the gravitas of the day of her mother’s death and the way she missed her.

27) He wanted to shoot the video in a way that it captured the gravitas of the grand museum along with all the history seeped inside its walls.

28) I expected a lot of gravitas in her as she was the CEO of the company, but she turned out to be quite frivolous.

29) You don’t need to carry a halo of gravitas behind your head just because you have become the manager of the company.

30) Don’t get intimidated by the air of gravitas that the professor has. He will open up to you when you meet him personally.

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