Juxtapose: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Juxtapose in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Juxtapose and Juxtaposition.

Juxtapose Definition and Meaning with Examples

Juxtapose (verb) means placing two elements next to each other for creating a contrast or comparative effect.

As a word, it is a literary device which can also be used to enhance the effect of striking similarity, not just difference.

Add a complex sounding word like juxtapose to your vocabulary by using it to create a parallel between two or more ideas, things or images. It can be used in a literal sense to connect objects or in a figurative way to compare two or more ideas.

Juxtapose is often used to convey the sense of two things being similar yet very different or vice versa. The effect of comparison or contrast created by this word can be used to clarify a concept, add detail to it or create a dramatic impact.

Juxtapose: Other Grammatical Forms

Juxtaposition (noun)

Juxtapositional (adjective)

Juxtapose in a Sentence Examples

1) The painting looks beautiful because of the way in which the artist has juxtaposed elements of color in the sepia background for effect.

2) The designer created an interesting dress by juxtaposing textured panels on the sheer corset.

3) The way in which the filmmakers have tried to juxtapose subtitles over the frame has made it look messy.

4) Don’t juxtapose your own ideas with your sister’s. You both think way too differently to be able to function together.

5) A lovely fusion was created when the singer juxtaposed bits of contemporary jazz with western classical music.

6) When my mother was juxtaposing photographs to create a collage, she realized what a dysfunctional family we were.

7) Local events and secular festivals are the only ways in which different communities and cultures can be juxtaposed to create more harmony.

8) Juxtaposing numbers with graphs will make your presentation easier to understand.

9) The media often manipulates what politicians say by juxtaposing their older sound bites with their recent ones.

10) I was shocked to see the finesse with which he juxtaposed the panache in his personality with spurts of humility.

11) My teacher has the knack of explaining seemingly difficult theoretical concepts by juxtaposing them with other related ones.

12) The film Baraka juxtaposes random locations of the world to convey multiple themes of political unrest, environmentalism and other conflicts in the world.

13) My parents always try to juxtapose my brother’s noble achievements with mine, hoping to drive home some sense in me, but in vain.

14) By juxtaposing different news clippings from the past, the reporter tried to convince the public of the businessman’s scams.

15) She was contemplating which two images she should juxtapose in order to enhance the theme of political hegemony in her essay.

Juxtaposition in a Sentence Examples

1) The juxtaposition of poetic words with prosaic writing may create a new literary genre altogether.

2) Juxtaposition of the characters in the play is the only technique which will make the audience realize how similar yet different they are.

3) Your life will always be a juxtaposition of your past, present and your ambitions for the future.

4) The book has an ordinary story but the soulful juxtaposition of the wealthy and bourgeois make it an interesting read.

5) Good film editing is all about strategic juxtaposition of sequences, is what the filmmaker believed.

6) The juxtaposition of the two stark themes in your book should be seamless. Otherwise, it will come through as flippant.

7) The documentary became more believable because of the juxtaposition of the fictional elements with real video clippings.

8) The juxtaposition of the dainty chimes against the muscular looking blinds of the window in her room look really odd and out of place.

9) The only reason why my lawyer won the case was her effective juxtaposition of all the evidences. This added to the judge’s understanding.

10) Pastiche is a term used to define juxtaposition in art – it is a way of placing random images with each other to create meaning.

11) Don’t tread the common path by juxtaposing the historical with the modern in your new book. That theme has already been done to death.

12) It is easier to make students understand the literal and figurative meaning of a word through its juxtaposition with another similar word.

13) Don’t confuse juxtaposition with comparison. The effect produced by both is different.

14) The juxtaposition of beauty and poverty in your work may offend many supporters of human rights groups.

15) Kubrick’s juxtaposition of Beethoven’s soulful music with violence in the cult film A Clockwork Orange, is stunning to say the least.

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