Prosaic in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Prosaic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Prosaic, Prosaically and Prosaicness.

Prosaic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Prosaic (adjective) means pedestrian or unimaginative. It can refer to anything which is commonplace and unexciting.

Anything which is prosaic is the opposite of poetic, since poetry is full of imaginative elements.

Make a sentence with the word with prosaic to suggest something which is uninspired and therefore ordinary.

Associate the word with a boringly written letter, lifeless conversation, unpoetic expression, mundane task, humdrum life or monotonous activity.

Prosaic: Other Grammatical Forms

Prosaically (adverb)

Prosaicness (noun)

Prosaic in a Sentence Examples

1) Our prosaic lives have made us forget how to appreciate art, stare blankly at the ceiling and admire the beauty of Nature.

2) There is nothing extraordinary about her that comes to my mind. Her life is extremely quotidian and her personality prosaic.

3) He kept thinking for three days and all he could come up with was a prosaic idea of proposing to his girlfriend with flowers and a ring.

4) The book portrayed the lives of the people in prosaic language. In reality, they were an extremely colorful bunch.

5) He has defaulted on his rent payments so many times that even the landlord is now familiar with his standard and prosaic excuse.

6) They broke up because their relationship was getting quite prosaic. Arguments and fights had corroded all the romance away.

7) Her work is highly admired in the circles but I find it a bit too prosaic. Her paintings don’t appeal to my taste.

8) When it comes to the decor of a home, there is a fine line between following standard patterns and being prosaic.

9) The chef became popular because he had a knack of making even the most prosaic sounding dishes look spectacularly unique and appetizing.

10) The movie’s theme was quite prosaic. It wasn’t what viewers expected of the award-winning director.

Prosaically in a Sentence Examples

1) Just because he wrote the letter prosaically, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings for you. It’s just that he doesn’t know how to writeeloquently.

2) She replied prosaically, as if she was answering for the sake of it and had no interest otherwise.

3) Since it is an official letter, it is likely to be penned prosaically and accompanied by an automated follow-up email.

4) It is sad to see a beautiful monument with such a rich heritage being described so prosaically by the travel show.

5) The presentation was made so prosaically that most people from the audience practically fell asleep.

6) It is great injustice to prosaically define a concept which is so beautiful.

7) Life is too short to live prosaically. You must try new things and push yourself to new limits every day.

8) Despite being a multifaceted personality, he never had a chance to explore his talents because of his poor family background. Being burdened with financial responsibility, he had no choice but to prosaically push himself into a typical nine to five job.

9) Don’t change yourself just because you don’t conform to set norms. You are unique and your talents are too special to be wasted just because someone else wants you live prosaically.

10) The interiors of their home were done up quite prosaically. I had expected more artistic sense from them.

Prosaicness in a Sentence Examples

1) The production designer was asked to keep the set as real as possible, since the theme of the film revolved around the prosaicness of the worker’s life.

2) It was the prosaicness of the writing style and his handwriting in italics that added his signature touch to the letter.

3) The prosaicness of news presentation was not only boring but positively depressing.

4) His disposition is generally reticent, speech restrained, personality taciturn and language full of prosaicness.

5) The issues of the village community were never covered by the media because they were of no interest to urban dwellers – they were full of prosaicness.

6) The prosaicness of the job made her quit in just a couple of months. Being a naturally creative person, she could not tolerate its monotony.

7) The prosaicness of suburban life is quite boring. Living in downtown may be expensive but it is much more fun.

8) The preliminary designs of the new apartment were reeking of prosaicness. The head architect promptly rejected them.

9) The college is known for producing some of the world’s finest writers. Prosaicness is something that is frowned upon within the esteemed walls of this institution.

10) The client was put off by the website’s prosaicness. Considering the amount of money he had paid for its development, he wanted much more.

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