Lurid: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Lurid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Lurid, Luridly and Luridness.

Lurid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Lurid (adjective) means explicit or garish. It can be used to describe things that are sensational, graphic, shocking and appalling.

It can also refer to colors that are flashy, harsh or loud.

The word can be used for a gruesome past, savage behavior, gory details or a morbid story.

For example, describing the details of a wound caused by an animal bit can be pretty lurid. So can the colors of an ugly painting.

Lurid: Other Grammatical Forms

Luridly (adverb)

Luridness (noun)

Lurid in a Sentence Examples

1) She described the accident with such lurid details that it was unbearable to hear after a point.

2) How can you wear such lurid clothes to a funeral? Don’t you know you’re supposed to wear an elegant black?

3) She picked a lurid ensemble for her best friend’s wedding – an attention tactic totally uncalled for.

4) As a raconteur, she knows how to spin lurid stories that leave her listeners engrossed.

5) The lurid photographs were a part of a series that were meant to shock people and get them to think about issues generally considered filthy.

6) The director wanted his actors’ makeup to look lurid and carnivalesque to the point of being scary.

7) The sculptor was commissioned to create lurid masks for the characters of the horror movie.

8) I was forced to listen to my son’s lurid account of how he played gory pranks on his friends in the party.

9) It’s supposed to be an avant-garde piece of architecture but it just looked grotesque and lurid to me.

10) Our aesthetics are drastically different. My husband prefers bright, lurid colors while I like them soft and muted.

Luridly in a Sentence Examples

1) She behaved luridly in front of her teacher and set a very bad example for her fellow sophomores.

2) All the kids were luridly dressed up for the fancy dress party.

3) The flames looked luridly fascinating. We could stare at the bonfire for hours.

4) She spoke about the murder so luridly that we had to ask her to stop after a while.

5) The sun shone luridly in the sky, blinding everything that came in its way.

6) The man was not just killed, he was luridly butchered like an animal.

7) The luridly described decadence of the rich and famous in the cover story of the magazine made for an engaging read.

8) We were luridly abused by a gang of drunk teenagers for no reason.

9) The luridly written piece that appeared in the newspapers not only defamed the minister without evidence but also brought the menace of yellow journalism to the fore.

10) The guests were expected to gorge on the luridly presented food which looked far from being edible.

Luridness in a Sentence Examples

1) The photograph captured the luridness of the accident, shocking everyone who saw it.

2) She wanted to use bold strokes and vivid colors that could capture the luridness and the madness of the festival.

3) Kids were not allowed to enter the scene of crime because of the sheer luridness and stench of blood that it emanated.

4) The photograph of the dead man was marked with luridness. There were so many scars on his face that he had become unidentifiable.

5) She was born in a dingy, violent neighborhood and since then, her life has always been marked with unfortunate luridness.

6) As a mother, I was shocked to see the luridness of the websites that my son browsed through every single day.

7) The luridness of the game’s look was supposed to add to its dark and mysterious theme.

8) The luridness of the colors made the painting very scary and repulsive.

9) The luridness of the street made it the perfect location for the crew to shoot the car chase sequence of the film.

10) She was fascinated by the luridness of the slum dwellers’ life and decided to make a documentary on them.

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