Use Mundane In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Mundane in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Mundane, Mundanity and Mundanely.

Mundane Definition and Meaning with Examples

Mundane (adjective) means boring, uninteresting or humdrum. It can be used to describe a banal task, tedious activity, generic reply, unimaginative sequence of events or an ordinary routine.

The original meaning of mundane refers to worldly matters that are not ideal, heavenly or celestial in nature. But in common usage, mundane is used to express anything which is pedestrian, repetitive or unexciting.

Include the word mundane in your vocabulary by using it in place of common words like boring, dull or uninteresting.

You can easily sound more refined and eloquent by using the word mundane to convey ordinariness of any kind.

Mundane: Other Grammatical Forms

Mundanity (noun)

Mundanely (adverb)

Mundaneness (noun)

Mundane in a Sentence Examples

1) She hates her job because she is asked to do mundane tasks every day.

2) I don’t mind doing a job which is low paying, I just don’t want it to be mundane.

3) She does not want to pursue a government job even though it will offer her security for life because she thinks it will be mundane.

4) This book is about finding beauty and meaning in our otherwise mundane existence.

5) People are deluded by the glamor of celebrities, thinking that their lives are far away from the mundane, which in reality is not true.

6) The entire family moved to a countryside home because they were getting fed up of their mundane city lives.

7) I am sick of everybody giving me mundane advice. I am in need of genuine mentorship.

8) Adults love fairy tales as much as kids because it gives them the hope that even their own mundane lives will be touched by magic one day.

9) Her report was rejected because the conclusions she drew from them appeared very mundane to the judges.

10) The person who innovates and creates extraordinary items from the mundane is worthy of being called a true artist.

Mundanity in a Sentence Examples

1) The mundanity of my boring and uneventful life is killing me.

2) The task has become impossible to accomplish not because of its difficulty, but because of its mere mundanity.

3) All the extra documentation has increased the mundanity of this procedure.

4) Poems inspired by beauty are common, but those inspired by mundanity are rare and precious.

5) They broke up because their relationship was plagued by mundanity.

6) Marriage is not just about heart and flowers, it is also about surviving everyday mundanity.

7) Don’t be a coward by succumbing to vices. They will not help you to run away from the reality and mundanity of your life.

8) Many tasks that reek of mundanity are actually quite important in ensuring smooth functioning of daily life.

9) Don’t expect creative occupations to be glamorous all the time, even they will become full of mundanity after a while.

10) As beautiful as this embroidery pattern looks from the outside, to embroider is by hand is actually a task full of mundanity.

Mundanely in a Sentence Examples

1) He replied to all my questions very mundanely. This gave me a signal that he wasn’t interested in the role.

2) He finished his work mundanely as if he could do the same thing with his eyes closed day in and day out.

3) The company wanted a candidate who would do the job with passion, not mundanely out of compulsion.

4) She was mundanely conducting tests with her patients without much luck in getting the correct results.

5) As I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I found the receptionist mundanely answering telephone calls.

6) The wooden shelf wasn’t worth its price because it was mundanely designed.

7) He gave the speech so mundanely, that it put the audience to sleep.

8) Doing all your tasks mundanely will make you a machine.

9) He mundanely narrated his holiday experience to us, as if he didn’t enjoy his time off at all.

10) He spoke about his volunteering work so mundanely, that I lost interest in and decided to call of my decision to take part in community work.

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