How to use Optimistic in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Optimistic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Optimistic, Optimism, Optimistically and Optimist.

Optimistic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Optimistic (adjective) means positive and hopeful.

It is an attribute which makes a person confident about the future even if current circumstances are unfavorable.

The word can also refer to the ability of always hoping for the best and looking at the bright side of everything.

Create a sentence with the word optimistic to suggest assuredness and sanguinity. People can be optimistic about favorable results, companies can be optimistic about profits, teachers advise students to look at problems optimistically and sellers may expect prices that are way too optimistic. Optimistic is an antonym of pessimistic.


Optimistic: Other Grammatical Forms

Optimism (noun)

Optimistically (adverb)

Optimist (noun)

Optimistic in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone in the family was really optimistic about his recovery. The doctors said that he was showing positive signs of improvement.

2) He was optimistic about proposing to her in front of all his friends.

3) None of her colleagues liked her because of her overtly optimistic personality. Everyone thought that she was putting up a facade to get into her manager’s good books.

4) I can’t wait for the semester to get over. I am optimistic that I’ll have saved enough money to holiday in Paris.

5) His forecast for sales figures was ridiculed at the monthly team meeting. Everyone was of the opinion that he was being way too optimistic about customer preferences towards the company’s product.

6) She was optimistic about finding someone special despite going through two bitter breakups in the recent past.

7) All his friends began to worry when their car broke down at a secluded patch on the highway at dusk. But he was optimistic about the chances of pulling someone over and getting help.

8) She was optimistic about their plans to get engaged in the next six months.

9) While she was extremely confident that she would be able to meet her monthly performance targets, but her boss wasn’t so optimistic.


10) She tried her best to stay optimistic but the doctors made it very clear that her husband had no more than a few months left. The cancer had spread to all his vital organs.


Optimism in a Sentence Examples

1) Optimism is the strongest facet of his personality. That is the reason why he lives a happy life despite the fact that his wife left him for another man.

2) Optimism is an inherent trait that great leaders have. At the same time, they also know when to be realistic.

3) His optimism was totally uncalled for. There was no chance for the team to pull off a win after trailing by more than 50 points in the third quarter.

4) The couple shared their optimism about moving into their new house by fall.

5) As a new government came into power, there was a general sense of optimism that everyone shared in the industry. Not surprisingly, the stock market bounced back.

6) He was full of optimism about the court judgment especially after his lawyer said that there was no chance they could lose the case.

7) Her optimism is contagious. It’s it truly amazing to have such a buoyant person in the team who can inspire others.

8) Since the new President has come to power, there has been a wave of optimism for the future of this country in the world.

9) All the hype on social media added to the optimism of the film’s success.

10) Due to skyrocketing optimism about the country’s economy, the stocks have taken a cue and risen unprecedentedly.


Optimistically in a Sentence Examples

1) He had optimistically planned everything to the last detail, but the bank did not approve his business loan proposal.

2) The only motivation for him to study hard was the fact that his dad had promised to buy him a Jeep if he got outstanding grades. He optimistically burnt the midnight oil hoping to get a new ride before summer.

3) After many months of snooping around, the detective optimistically presented his case to the chief. He was hoping to get an arrest warrant issued immediately so he could put the man behind bars.

4) If you look at this whole problem optimistically, you will realize that there is no problem at all.

5) The more you get used to looking at issues optimistically, the less you will see them as obstacles. They will become opportunities.


Optimist in a Sentence Examples

1) I don’t care about what others have to say. I would rather be a carefree optimist rather than a moody pessimist.

2) As a born optimist, she is never burdened by day to day problems at work. Instead, she likes to find solutions and move on.

3) It’s good to be an optimist. But at the same time, one shouldn’t get carried away.

4) I know you are not an optimist but at least don’t be such a spoilsport. As my husband, I expect you to support me in all the big decisions I make in my life.

5) When a lot of my friends label me an optimist, I know they are doing so sarcastically. That’s because I am positive to the point of being annoying.

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