How to use quandary in a sentence?

Noun- A state of uncertainty or perplexity over what to do in a difficult situation

  • A situation which is difficult; a dilemma which is practical

Examples of how to use quandary in a sentence:- –

  • Bill is in a quandary about whether he should keep the money that he had found in the park.
  • Upon being provided with the various legal options by the lawyer, we were in a quandary as to what option should we go for.
  • You will always be in a moral quandary as to what you should tell your family about the alleged affair.
  • When you are in a quandary, you would start doubting your abilities to make a sound decision, so it is suggested that you call a close friend to help you in that aspect.
  • A quandary should always be avoided when it comes to love interests, and having to choose between two or more lovers in your life.
  • One of the easiest decisions to take in order to further your life is not to drink and drive; it is not something of a quandary.
  • I have always been honest with the people in my life; when my friends tell me to do something that is obviously legal, I am always in a quandary.
  • The obvious decline in the housing market has led to a financial quandary for the real estate agents.
  • When you are searching for obvious places to go for a vacation, you would always be in a quandary with your partner.
  • The histories of my illnesses have brought about a medical quandary upon the doctor buy not coming up with a specific diagnosis to my condition.
  • My moral quandary is such that I have not been able to focus on my job; this has led to a lot of problems as well in my family life.
  • If you find yourself in a quandary about your future, try and follow something that is going to reflect your passion, or your hobby. This would be a wonderful way for you to think about your future endeavors without compromising on your financial security.

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