Sartorial: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Sartorial in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Sartorial and Sartorially.

Sartorial Definition and Meaning with Examples

Sartorial (adjective) means anything that is related to clothing, tailoring, fashion, style or dressing.

The word can be used as a single word expression for anything that has to do with clothes.

Use the word sartorial to describe someone’s dressing sense, criticize someone’s fashion choices or review an outfit for a fashion blog.

For example, a person whose dress is torn is in a sartorial situation. Similarly, a party is a perfect platform for showing off sartorial resplendence.

Sartorial: Other Grammatical Forms

Sartorially (adverb)

Sartorial in a Sentence Examples

1) His sartorial choices were rather eccentric. One day he wore blue trousers with a red shirt and the other day he wore neon pullovers.

2) The actress has received praise for her sartorial elegance. She always wins the best of style and fashion accolades.

3) I am running late for the party because of a sartorial problem. My newly stitched dress has begun to fall apart.

4) Her sartorial style is not individualistic. She blends with the crowds by following trends that change like the weather.

5) The sartorial dilemma faced by her was baseless because she didn’t know that expensive clothes didn’t necessarily mean good clothes.

6) The poor actor’s sartorial choices have always been in limelight more than his work.

7) The book talks about the regal sartorial aesthetics that were handed down to the princess from her great-grandmother.

8) My sartorial tastes are definitely better than my grandmother who didn’t have access to magazines like Vogue and Elle.

9) The fashion show was nothing but an extravaganza of sartorial grandeur and opulence.

10) It was more of a sartorial show off rather than a wedding. Every other girl was radiating the confidence of a diva in her gown.

11) The edible gown made of chocolates and macaroons is a sartorial innovation which is likely to be loved by little girls.

12) We were asked to take a sartorial point of view for the essay and describe the clothing patterns of teenagers in urban areas.

13) One of the reasons that I have made her my bridesmaid is her knack of impeccable sartorial selection. I will have a fun time shopping with her.

14) As a stylist, her sartorial predictions usually come true at the end of every fashion season.

15) She wanted sartorial variety for which she was ready to hire an expensive stylist.

Sartorially in a Sentence Examples

1) The director ensured the she looked the part of the warrior princess sartorially. It was very important to get her look right for the film to become a success.

2) As a model, it is important for you to do well sartorially as you are constantly going to be judged by the clothes you wear.

3) I didn’t find her as sartorially well-versed as I expected her to be, considering she was a fashion designer of such high repute.

4) They are sartorially well-educated because they have studied in the best of fashion schools across the globe.

5) Corporate offices are very boring, sartorially speaking. Everyone is dressed in combinations of white, black or gray.

6) She is sartorially influenced by the French because she spent most of her youth studying and working in Paris.

7) Sartorially graceful and erudite, she was considered to the actress who had both beauty and brains.

8) I am unabashed about my love for fashion and I am fond of involving myself in sartorial experimentation.

9) I don’t expect my father to be sartorially in tune with the times. He has no interest in clothes or fashion whatsoever.

10) I don’t know how well he speaks and how he will be able to manage his conversations but he seems to be sartorially impeccable.

11) Since she hails from an aristocratic family, she is very sartorially stiff and always maintains a high level of decorum.

12) He is always sartorially prim and proper, whether he is going to a party or for a walk in the park.

13) Before attending the prestigious dinner, it was important me to know how much I should up my sartorial quotient.

14) If you are going to become a celebrity’s personal manager, you really need to up the ante – sartorially speaking.

15) It was not fair to criticize the actress sartorially because she had a fractured led and her bandage would obviously not allow her to wear gowns and pretty dresses.

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