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How to use Subtle in a sentence:- Sentence examples for Subtle, Subtly and Subtlety.

Subtle Definition and Meaning with Examples

Subtle (adjective) means something which is difficult to see, pin down or describe. It can be used to describe a person, behavioral trait, mood or situation.

As a word, subtle is typically used to express something which is so slight or understated, that it can’t be seen in an obvious manner. It generally has a positive connotation, but it can be used in a negative context too.

Remember to use subtle when you want to describe something which is indiscreet or indirect.

Associate the word with something which is cleverly said, a sophisticated person, witty subtext, subliminal suggestion or a low key statement with a strategic or intense meaning.

Subtle: Other Grammatical Forms

Subtly (adverb)

Subtlety (noun)

Subtleness (noun)

Subtle in a Sentence Examples

1) He is not the kind of person who can understand anything which is subtle. He will have to be given loud and clear instructions.

2) My teacher gave me a subtle smile in class, as if she wanted to covey that I had done extremely well in the test.

3) Can you point out the subtle mistake which has deliberately been made in the essay?

4) The sprinkle of clove powder on top left a subtle freshness in the dish which was otherwise very humdrum.

5) There are so many subtle nuances in the theory that it has become extremely complicated for a lay person to understand.

6) The fabric has a beautiful tone of brown with subtle hints of yellow and beige.

7) His sense of humor is so subtle and charming that the wittiness of his jokes can make you laugh even in hindsight.

8) The quilt was exorbitantly priced because it was handcrafted with traditional motifs and subtle patterns.

9) The book was worthy of the Pulitzer Prize because of its subtle yet impactful writing style.

10) His words were like a subtle toxin. They pierced her heart and pained her so much that she died in shock.

Subtly in a Sentence Examples

1) She subtly asked me to leave the room when she sensed that a fight was about to ensue.

2) The clues were so subtly hidden inside the image that even the best detective of the city could not uncover them.

3) She subtly conveyed that he was not invited to the party by acting cold and distant with him.

4) That man is disturbing the meeting by talking on his cell phone. Can you please ask him to subtly leave?

5) It was easy to figure out that they were in love with each other by watching how they subtly stole glances.

6) My boss is infamous for her demeanor which is cool like a cucumber from the outside, but subtly viscous from the inside.

7) The job was so subtly done that no one came to know about it until weeks later.

8) Don’t sever your relations with your best friend by telling him off on his face. Subtly tell him that he was wrong.

9) Smart sales people have a knack of subtly upselling services and products to customers that they would never need.

10) She subtly answered in the affirmative by winking at me.

Subtlety in a Sentence Examples

1) Subtlety is a virtue that helps in professional life. It allows you to make your point without offending anyone.

2) Parents should criticize their kids with more subtlety if they don’t want them to become rebellious and defiant.

3) It is the subtlety of the vintage that has fetched it the award of being the Best Wine of the Year.

4) Subtlety is generally seen to be a characteristic of sophisticated people with polished manners.

5) How can you expect a loud mouthed person like him to show any signs of subtlety?

6) The quality of a perfume is not judged by how pungent it is, but the subtlety of its floral notes.

7) Don’t expect subtlety from everyone. Some people like being boisterous and flamboyant.

8) I could see the subtlety in her upbringing by the way she carried herself in front of everyone.

9) Subtlety is of no use when you want to get work done with government officials.

10) Subtlety is one of my boss’ best traits. He can say a lot without saying much.

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