Use Vigorous In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Vigorous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vigorous, Vigor, Vigorously and Vigorousness.

Vigorous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vigorous (adjective) means energetic, robust or dynamic.

The more commonly used meaning of vigorous refers to anything which is powerful, forceful or passionate. This can even brink on being fiery or aggressive.

When in context with a person, the meaning refers to good health, sturdiness or strength.

Add the word vigorous to your vocabulary to suggest vitality and liveliness of action. Associate it with an active conversation, strenuous exercise, spirited attitude, athletic build, zestful disposition, vivacious personality, intensive physical activity or determined argument.

Vigorous: Other Grammatical Forms

Vigor (noun)

Vigorously (adverb)

Vigorousness (noun)

Vigorous in a Sentence Examples

1) The vigorous training had a heavy toll on the athlete’s health levels. The coach had to give him a week off to recover from all the fatigue.

2) She has started a vigorous workout routine to get back in shape after pregnancy.

3) The students did not expect such a vigorous trek. They thought that the day trip would be more of a fun event than a grueling climb.

4) He knew at once that his wife had a bad day at work when he heard the sound of vigorous chopping of vegetables.

5) The vigorous discussion on imperialistic policies ended after two long hours. We were exhausted by the end of it but we had a great time.

6) Instead of going through a vigorous diet, I suggest you do extra exercise to tone your body.

7) You will have to take up a vigorous study of the subject if you really want to understand the fundamentals.

8) Our trip to the vineyard was not as relaxing as we expected. It was quite vigorous and demanding.

9) He takes his gym sessions quite seriously. You can tell by looking at his vigorous way of working out regularly.

10) She fell in love with him at first sight because he was a dapper, vigorous and handsome guy with awesome sartorial choices.

Vigor in a Sentence Examples

1) Nothing comes close to the vigor with which he takes on his opponents. His passion and urge to win is undeniable.

2) They cheered their team with great vigor and enthusiasm. Everyone desperately wanted them to win.

3) Everyone knew how much vigor he could put into his work if it was something that he was really passionate about.

4) The economy of the country has got more vigor now. This is mainly due to the new surge of funding done by foreign investors.

5) With renewed vigor and fresh motivation, I once again challenged myself to complete the task in seven days.

6) Since you are taking up a demanding job, it is important for you to maintain your health and vigor at all times.

7) Our manager wanted to hire younger people for the team because he thought they would bring more vigor and dynamism to the project.

8) The minister gave a motivating speech to encourage his team to act with more vigor and vitality to make their dream project come true.

9) As soon as the contagious fever returned with renewed vigor, we got an inkling that he wouldn’t survive for too long.

10) Start each and every day of your work with vigor and passion. You will be amazed to see what a big difference your attitude can make to your productivity.

Vigorously in a Sentence Examples

1) He argued vigorously to make a point during the team meeting. He was convinced that his ideas would boost productivity and reduce costs.

2) The lawyer defended his client vigorously. No stone was left unturned to ensure a smooth victory.

3) The production house promoted its new movie vigorously. It must have spent millions of dollars on advertising campaigns to ensure a successful launch worldwide.

4) Even though she lost the match, she battled it out vigorously right up to the very last point.

5) You will have to beat and stir the egg yolk mixture vigorously. Only then will your cake become fluffy and soft.

Vigorousness in a Sentence Examples

1) She decided to complain with vigorousness until her problem was considered with the gravitas it deserved.

2) The team of architects worked on the abandoned house with great vigorousness. They wanted to build a facade which had never been envisaged before by anyone.

3) Our conversations were marked with contradictions but they were full of vigorousness. That is how our rapport became so strong over the years.

4) The vigorousness with which the HR department denied being biased towards a few chosen employees made it very clear that the company could not afford to lose its reputation of being a fair employer.

5) He had a habit of taking on every team meeting with a vigorousness that was unparalleled. He always came prepared and backed up his arguments with solid facts.

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