Zest: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Zest in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Zest, Zestful and Zestfully.

Zest Definition and Meaning with Examples

Zest (noun) means enthusiasm or energy. It can be used to express passion, gusto, stamina or fervor.

Zest also refers to the skin or rind of a citrus fruit which is tangy and sharp in taste.

The word is also used to describe a taste which is spicy and flavorsome. This is how zest is metaphorically associated with person’s energetic quality or something that adds spice to a situation.

Add the word zest to your vocabulary by using it to suggest ardor, zeal or keenness. It is generally associated with an attitude, disposition, personality, spirit or a citrus fruit.

Zest: Other Grammatical Forms

Zestful/Zesty (adjective)

Zestfully (adverb)

Zestfulness (noun)

Zest in a Sentence Examples

1) You are not good at feigning your zest. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to be enthusiastic about it.

2) Five spoons of lemon zest will suffice (Check suffice in a sentence) for this recipe.

3) I am amazed to see his zest for life even at the age of eighty.

4) My teacher’s unparalleled zest put me to shame and inspired me to build my stamina.

5) One wonders how he manages to gather enough zest to trek in such dangerous terrains.

6) A person who exudes zest can be a great team leader.

7) Thankfully, she regained her zest for life after successfully battling colon cancer.

8) Thank God for the Spanish guitar, else the recital would have had no zest.

9) Sometimes she overflows with zest to the point of being annoying.

10) His zest inspires people around him to work hard too.

Zestful/Zesty in a Sentence Examples

1) Her zestful reassurance soothed me and I stopped worrying about finishing my project.

2) Our manager’s zestful way of dealing with problems at office makes things easier to deal with.

3) Our boss’s zestful nature puts all the new employees to immediate comfort.

4) It was her performance that made the evening zestful. All the other presentations were quite humdrum.

5) His zestful demeanor reassured me that he wasn’t upset with me for hurting him.

6) Once the festivities of Christmas subsided, people lost their zest to step put in the cold.

7) I am envious of her perennially zesty disposition. I wish I had some of her energy.

8) The team requires someone with a zesty spirit, not a dreary outlook towards life.

9) The wine was rejected by the many restaurants because it tasted a bit too zesty.

10) I didn’t like the dish because it left a very zesty residual taste in my mouth.

Zestfully in a Sentence Examples

1) I feel like taking my friends out to dinner to end my day zestfully.

2) How can someone be in such good spirits to be able to talk zestfully throughout day?

3) He behaved zestfully throughout the party even though he was extremely tired.

4) Even though the dance form was extremely complex and technical, students learnt it zestfully.

5) It was shocking to see her perform so zestfully even after having recently recuperated from a major illness.

6) Her life is truly inspirational because she marched through it zestfully even though it was plagued with problems.

7) I didn’t get dejected even though I was on the twentieth draft of my script. I kept on writing zestfully.

8) She kept us amused and entertained throughout the evening by zestfully indulging in her antics.

9) On seeing her boyfriend arrive at the airport, she ran towards him zestfully.

10) She sang the song so zestfully that it convinced me of her talent which was beyond compare.

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