Banal in a Sentence

What does banal mean? It means a person that is devoid of any kind of originality of fresh ideas.

Noun: -banality

Sentence Examples:

  • Even after introducing a whole lot of new characters, the new Batman versus Superman movie was banal to the core. There was hardly any form of entertainment that one could derive from that movie.
  • It was the same old banal speech by the manager year after year on the commemorative event. This is the main reason as to why it was rarely attended by the old employees.
  • The conversation was banal, and it led to a lot of people yawning and frowning throughout the incident.
  • How do girls enjoy the banal movies that are otherwise masqueraded as a romantic?
  • The jokes that one would normally find over the Internet are banal, and do not have any kind of surprising factor.
  • Although you may have gone through a wonderful tune in your mind, the lyrics seem to be
  • The life story of the actor is extremely banal, and to the point that you would drop dead just by having the go through the boredom of it.

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