Feral in a Sentence

What does feral mean? It means to exist in a natural state; something that is characteristic of wild animals going there to their original state from the domestication stage.

Sentence Examples: –

  • When the dog became feral, he would not try and approach any person. Ultimately, it had to be put down by the animal management.
  • When the child had been living in the wild for a long period of time, it was only natural for him to become feral. He had absolutely no contact with human beings, and only knew how to act like wild animals.
  • When you come across an animal conservationist, the first thing that you notice is that even when the animal is feral, they would try and comfort it the best they can.
  • Upon finding that the horse was feral, Jon took it upon himself to try and break the horse and tame it before the next race.
  • When you come across feral animals in your own backyard, it is important for you to inform the animal management.

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