How to use Grotesque In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Grotesque in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Grotesque, Grotesquely and Grotesqueness.

Grotesque Definition and Meaning with Examples

Grotesque (adjective) means anything which is ugly, gross or dreadful. The word was originally derived from a type of art which included distorted or fantastical animal, plant and human forms.

Grotesque’s modern usage is limited to describe anything which is extremely repulsive.

Grotesque can also refer to anything which is unbelievable or inappropriate to the point of being shocking.

Include grotesque in your daily conversation by using it in place of gross or horrible, especially to give it more intensity. Associate the word with a horrid sight, revolting experience, bizarre situation or an outrageous person.

Grotesque: Other Grammatical Forms

Grotesquely (adverb)

Grotesqueness / grotesque (noun)

Grotesque in a Sentence Examples

1) The hairy monster with his single eye, scarred body, salivating mouth and bulging belly was the most grotesque character in the movie.

2) The book became popular among the masses because it uncovered a grotesque truth about the political hypocrisy of the nation.

3) Although the world loved Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Knight, my friend thought that his character was grotesque.

4) The heavy use of navy blue, black, gray and ochre yellow along with haphazard brushstrokes made the painting look grotesque.

5) The director asked the art department to create a grotesque mask for the central character of the villain.

6) Her aesthetic choices are very different from mine. The way in which she did the interiors of her house was grotesque to say the least.

7) They way in which the wealthy spend their money recklessly, is nothing short of grotesque.

8) Seeing the dead body being uncovered from the ground was a grotesque sight.

9) Who would pay so much money to buy such a grotesque piece of furniture?

10) I have never seen anything as grotesque as the sight of the dog’s remnants after it was killed by a speeding car.

Grotesquely in a Sentence Examples

1) The butcher cut the flesh of the dead animal grotesquely and mercilessly.

2) His head was grotesquely slashed into pieces after the dreadful car accident.

3) Not only was she was dressed grotesquely for the somber occasion, but she was slightly drunk too.

4) Her loose comment about my character sliced my heart like a dagger. But that didn’t stop her from grotesquely continuing her mockery.

5) By asking his boss to give him a written recommendation just two months into his job, he made a grotesquely impolite move.

6) The kind of spending that the government is planning to do this year is grotesquely misjudged.

7) The teacher is so grotesquely partial to one of the students that she refuses to accept his heinous crime.

8) Her scalp was bleeding grotesquely after she fell on her head.

9) The movie’s portrayal of poverty in third world countries was grotesquely unauthentic.

10) Her skin was grotesquely singed after she accidentally tipped on a vessel of boiling water.

Grotesqueness/grotesque in a Sentence Examples

1) I am unable to digest the fact that grotesqueness in movies and books can entertain people to such an extent.

2) The grotesqueness of his humor repulsed the audience so much, that they all left the stand-up comedy show midway.

3) Grotesqueness in art is not a trend which should come back into vogue.

4) By lying incessantly to your mother, you are enhancing the grotesqueness of your actions.

5) My nightmare was filled with the grotesqueness of deadly monsters, evil witches and wailing banshees.

6) Grotesqueness marks her behavior, demeanor and disposition every single time I meet her. She should stop being so unkempt.

7) The reporter seemed to believe that adding more grotesqueness to the coverage of the local murder would help sell more copies of the newspaper.

8) Lewis Carroll is known to have revolutionized the genre of the grotesque in literature by creating fantastical characters in her famous Alice in Wonderland.

9) The archaeologist had a collection of many grotesques that he claimed to be all the way back from the Dark Ages.

10) Medieval Art is characterized by many grotesques and phantasmagorical forms that are slowly making their way back into modern art.

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