Ludicrous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Ludicrous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ludicrous, Ludicrously and Ludicrousness.

Ludicrous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ludicrous (adjective) means something which is so ridiculous or absurd that it is funny.

Ludicrous can also be used to describe anything which is stupid, foolish or completely outrageous.

Use ludicrous to express a sense of hilarity, amusement or shock arising out of something unreasonable. It could be associated with a bad joke, silly behavior, illogical suggestion, laughable belief, bizarre statement, nonsensical comment or weird action.

When used in conversation with a context, ludicrous generally has a negative connotation.

Ludicrous: Other Grammatical Forms

Ludicrously (adverb)

Ludicrousness (noun)

Ludicrous in a Sentence Examples

1) He was offered a ludicrous amount of money as a bribe for an insignificant task.

2) You offered her the most ludicrous opinion of moving downtown. Don’t you know that she doesn’t even have enough money to feed herself?

3) His ludicrous comments embarrassed me so much that I decided never to involve him in my work meetings again.

4) It is ludicrous to believe Hollywood movies and think that the world is going to end in the next ten years.

5) The idea that my mother passed off as ludicrous, was lauded by my professors.

6) If you think I am going to implement the idea given by that pesky two year old, you’re being ludicrous.

7) The governance in that country was so ludicrous, that even a single inquiry couldn’t be made without bribing an official.

8) Not only was his suggestion ludicrous, he was behaving funnily for no reason too.

9) Everyone felt the compulsion to laugh at boss’s ludicrous joke.

10) If a cop takes a penalty from you for a ludicrous reason, you should report it to higher authorities.

Ludicrously in a Sentence Examples

1) The parliamentarians behaved ludicrously when the bill was being passed.

2) He ludicrously remarked that the earth orbited around the moon.

3) I am upset that he sold such a beautiful house for a ludicrously measly price.

4) The conversation was very serious, but he spoilt the ambience by behaving ludicrously.

5) The party was fun because we were busy making fun of guests who were ludicrously dressed.

6) Too much drinking at the party caused him to behave ludicrously once he got home.

7) He has been accused ludicrously. How can an innocent man like him commit such a heinous crime?

8) She claims to have fallen in love with him at first sight because he was ludicrously good looking.

9) My colleague stooped to ludicrously low levels to impress her boss and get her work done.

10) She bought five pairs of shoes even though she didn’t need them because they were being sold at a ludicrously cheap price during sale time.

Ludicrousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The ludicrousness of the proposition left everyone rolling on their bellies with laughter.

2) His joke was replete with ludicrousness. Maybe that’s why everyone gave him a baffled look and no one laughed.

3) The ludicrousness of her outfit was the only reason she got rejected from the dance competition.

4) While some people may laugh at the ludicrousness of the government policy, I think it is something which requires serious thought.

5) The ludicrousness of his actions convinced me to not give him a written recommendation.

6) The ludicrousness of my narration made the story even funnier.

7) My father has taken to watching primetime news these days mainly for its ludicrousness.

8) His ludicrousness usually gets us into trouble, but this time it serendipitously saved us.

9) People gathered on the street not to help the poor man but to merely watch the ludicrousness of the situation.

10) I can see nothing but ludicrousness in the Theater of the Absurd.

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