Stellar: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Stellar in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Stellar.

Stellar Definition and Meaning with Examples

Stellar (adjective) means brilliant or exceptional. It refers to anything which is absolutely outstanding.

In the literal sense, the word refers to anything which is related to the stars. But in the figurative sense, it is used to describe something which has the quality of being as amazing as a star.

Stellar also refers to an important rank or position. It can be used to give praise or compliments.

A dazzling performance, stupendous feat or a remarkable achievement can be called stellar.

Stellar: Other Grammatical Forms


Stellar in a Sentence Examples

1) We were asked to study the stellar formation as a part of our science project.

2) The stock market witnessed a stellar rally after the crucial announcement of rate changes.

3) The company’s latest smart device unanimously got stellar reviews from everyone who had a chance to use it.

4) We were in store for a stellar spectacle as the debris of the meteor lit up the night skies.

5) I am fascinated by astronomy and various stellar formations that dot our galaxy.

6) He was the highest scorer in the game, the crowd loved him and he became an overnight sensation. Without a doubt, his debut was one of the most stellar ones any sportsperson had ever seen.

7) She did a stellar job in convincing each and every team member to vote in favor of the proposed changes.

8) I met some amazing people and saw some of the most beautiful places as I went backpacking through Europe. It was one of the most stellar experiences in my life.

9) Despite losing one of his best friends to cancer just a few days back, he gave a stellar performance just when the team needed it. He is a true sportsman.

10) The talent manager instantly spotted potential in the little kid after watching his videos. Although his performances were amateur, there was something stellar about them.

11) Good education is the first step towards shaping a stellar career.

12) He has gone through many arduous phases in his life to reach the stellar position that he is in right now.

13) A bunch of college dropouts made a stellar app that allowed users to instantly upload their pictures to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter simultaneously.

14) His dad bought him an expensive new car as a gift for his stellar performance in college.

15) A group of award-winning chefs collaborated to create a stellar menu for the pop-up restaurant in central London.

16) The accountant was literally a superstar. His stellar knack with numbers allowed the company to restructure its books of accounts and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax.

17) The stellar views from the ski resort were breathtaking. I wish I could have stayed a little bit more.

18) Being in love is a feeling that can never be described in words. Its stellar sense of euphoria has to be experienced to be understood.

19) A stellar ad campaign was the reason behind the product’s phenomenal launch despite the fact that the brand was relatively new.

20) As a boxer, he was never known to be foul-mouthed. He let his stellar performance in the ring do the talking.

21) With good looks and great engineering, the next generation car had it all. It was set to be one of the most stellar products in the company’s line of offering.

22) The newest building in town is an architectural marvel. Its stellar design and imposing facade has changed the city’s skyline.

23) Great entrepreneurs are restless people who aren’t afraid to give life to stellar ideas which seem audacious in the beginning.

24) The stellar fireworks were a surreal sight. The celebrations lit up the city skyline to usher in the New Year when the clock struck twelve.

25) His stellar designs got a fitting response from the biggies of the fashion industry.

26) The red carpet became a fashion extravaganza with all the leading ladies of Hollywood making an entrance in stellar designs.

27) What impressed her boss is the way she managed to maintain a stellar track record until now.

28) My son had stellar grades in school but he doesn’t want to pursue higher studies out of choice.

29) The output of the new software was so stellar that they couldn’t resist buying it straightaway.

30) It’s a stellar album, with every track seeming better than the other.

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